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Harry Jowsey & Francesca Farago Of Too Hot To Handle Broke Up -- And Both Tell Their Sides Of The Story!

harry jowsey Francesca farago break up

A classic he-said-she-said drama — almost forgot what that felt like!

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago are the latest quarantine couple casualty. The pair first got together on Netflix’s reality sensation Too Hot To Handle, which first premiered in April (remember the “Netflix reality show & chill” phase of quarantine? Ahh, those were the days!). The pair first broke up after the show wrapped filming, but eventually got together again, with Jowsey even proposing during the reunion special. 

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Farago announced the split on Tuesday with an explanation video on YouTube. On Wednesday, Jowsey posted a video of his own to explain his side of the story. For a bit of levity (Francesca did worry about coming across as “insensitive” what with “everything going on right now”, in case you’re wondering about the self awareness of a reality star during a pandemic and unprecedented global uprising), let’s see how these two perspectives match up.

Reason for the breakup

One thing is for sure: Jowsey is the one who initiated the split. But the pair don’t exactly seem clear on the “why.” Francesca began her video by saying:

“He decided to break up with me because he couldn’t do long distance anymore.”

Harry’s explanation is a little more dramatic:

“I just had to end it because number one, I knew that if I continued to be with Francesca, it would end up with her being seriously heartbroken or me continuing to be seriously depressed in the relationship.”

Going public

Both suggested they hadn’t announced their breakup sooner because, for a while, they weren’t sure it would stick. They were still talking a lot and working on their friendship. But Francesca added:

“He said that he didn’t want to do that yet because there was rumors and accusations being brought up from people… so he didn’t want to validate those things by releasing that we were gonna take a break.”

Harry didn’t mention ANY suspicious rumors in his reasoning, saying:

“Why we didn’t want to talk about the breakup sooner is purely because Francesca is just moving to LA. … The last thing we wanted was to add a whole bunch of unnecessary pressure and public opinion on our relationship.”

Plagued by rumors

But it seems like those mysterious “rumors” did catch up with their relationship. Francesca explained:

“There was a lot of rumors that came up that turned out to be true. And I was getting sent a lot of screenshots and messages. I didn’t want to believe it, because how could you have a wedding ring folder with someone and how could you propose to someone, but you’re also saying, I can’t be with you because of the distance. It makes me feel like I was being played. I’m just sad with myself for letting myself be put through this situation.”

Harry’s response?

“There’s literally nothing to hide … Francesca knows exactly what was going on between us. I’ve never lied to her about anything. I’ve always had my location shared with her so she could see where I’m at at all times. If there was any doubts or anything, she could literally check my location and call me, FaceTime me, two to three times a day, literally all the time.”

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Lovers’ quarrels

The exes also seemed to have admittedly different views on their own arguments. Francesca’s perspective was that they were pretty routine:

“We just had different mindsets to this situation. … We would argue every now and then but it was never, for me, a relationship ending and I think for him, small little things ended up turning into relationship-ending arguments.”

Whereas for Harry, it sounds like the fighting was pretty earth-shattering:

“When we were together, we were always on edge, always. We would have the highest highs — the best highs, like, the happiest moments of my entire life were with her. But when things were bad, they were really bad. So every time we would fight, it would just be the worst and most depressed times in my entire life. I can’t stress that enough. I’ve even got messages that I’ve sent to Francesca that I’ve said, ‘I’ve never been this sad in my entire life.'”

The verdict?

Francesca hinted there’s “a lot more to the story” and that she might divulge it in the future. For now, she’s just trying to accept that the relationship is over. She said:

“He is not the person for me. … I don’t think anyone should stay in a situation when you’re extremely unhappy and when you’re not being treated the way you deserve to be treated.”

Harry had nothing but praise for his ex, conceding she’s “well and truly out of my league.” But he also hinted at some ominous behind-the-scenes drama, saying:

I love her, she’s always gonna be my best friend. … Sometimes people change, and sometimes you see things in people that you don’t want to see and that you don’t want to be around.”

The Videos

Watch them (below)!

What do U think, Perezcious readers??? Are you Team Harry or Team Francesca? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Francesca Farago/Instagram]

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