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This is the best shiz!
We all know Andy Dick loves dick, but these pics are on a whole other level!!!!
Comic Andy Dick was not very funny this past weekend at a gay club in Ohio. In fact, he was disgustingly inappropriate. And we LOVE it!
Thank God so many quick-acting readers have digital cameras. We live for this!
Dick was at Axis nightclub in Columbus, which caters to the queer college boys at OSU. He was in town for a booking at FunnyBone, but it got cancelled. Ah well.
Andy rolled into the club and went on a rampage.
One reader tells us, “Andy solicited me in the bathroom, and he tried to urinate on me.” Ewwwww! “Not only that, he also proceeded to attemp to piss on my for a good 30 seconds, with many people witnessing it. I had to inform him that I was not into water sports. He was beyond drunk. He seemed cracked out as fuck. And for the record, AndyDick’s ‘dick’ is not that impressive.
Another Perezcious reader tells us that Andy did have sex in the bathroom (with another clubgoer).
“He was hitting on and making out with guys all night,” says yet another spywitness. “Everyone was taking pictures! At the end of the night, he was so intoxicated that he had to be carried out of the club!”
Dick also tried to score some cocaine from a few readers, they told us.
“He kept slurring all night long,” says someone who came in conctact with him. “He could barely speak.”
We love you Andy Dick.
Don’t change!!!!!

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Aug 26, 2007 18:49pm PDT