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Andy Dick Arrested On Charges Of Assault With A Deadly Weapon

Andy Dick has been arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

Longtime comedian and TV star Andy Dick was arrested over the weekend and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

The incident was first reported on a YouTube show called Kermit and Friends on Tuesday morning. Hours later, per multiple media reports, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that they did in fact arrest the troubled comedian on those scary charges.

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Elisa Jordana was the one who broke the news first on her aforementioned YouTube show on Monday, explaining to her audience that Dick allegedly assaulted his lover — identified only as Lucas — with some kind of metal chair. After the alleged assault, Jordana reports that Lucas was immediately rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in what sounds like some kind of very serious condition.

She explained:

“He [Andy] could have killed him [Lucas]. I saw pictures, I saw video; it’s not good.”


The LAPD confirmed the long-troubled 55-year-old comedian was arrested and booked back on Saturday, June 26. His bail was reportedly set at $50,000, according to Page Six, and both Jordana and that outlet report that the embattled TV star made bail on Tuesday morning. Per Radar Online, he’s next due in court on this matter on October 25.

Jordana alleged that the incident was at least in part caused — or, exacerbated by — Dick’s apparent drinking. She describes it as having spun particularly out of control in recent times, with the NewsRadio alum allegedly getting “very aggressive” at times while imbibing.

She said (below):

“It [the drinking] was getting worse and worse and worse. Everyday there was some kind of problem. There were signs something was going to happen. … There are warning signs with people. It doesn’t happen out of the blue. When I heard he was in jail, I wasn’t that surprised. [It’s good that he’s safe] and we don’t have to worry that he is going to die today.”


Jordana goes on to allege how Dick was recently evicted from his home, and had temporarily moved into a hostel. He was kicked out of that situation after bringing in a group of 11 people, however; it’s unclear where he was living more recently. She also alleged that he “stole cutlery” and “a wine glass” and “plates” from a restaurant recently, even apparently calling her to come help him because he didn’t have money to pay the tab.

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Here’s more from Jordana (below) on the entire Andy Dick situation, assault charges and this weekend’s allegations included:

Andy Dick is obviously no stranger to controversy — or substance abuse, as is alleged here — or having not-so-great run-ins with law enforcement.

Let’s just hope that at some point he’ll get the help he needs, so that he can live his life healthy, happy, and without all of this bull s**t.

In the meantime and even more strongly, we send our best wishes and prayers out to the reported victim in these allegations, and hope that he can recover fully and quickly.

[Image via Daniel Tanner/WENN]

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