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Chilean mayor to offer free Viagra to older men
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Chilean mayor to offer free viagra to older men
For the first time in Chile, a mayor plans to give out free Viagra to men 60 and older in his town to improve their “quality of life” four times a month, according to media reports.
“This has to do with quality of life and it’s done responsibly. It’s not just like handing out candy at the corner,” Gonzalo Navarrete, a physician and mayor of the poor town of Lo Prado south of Santiago, told Las Ultimas Noticias daily.
He said any man 60 years and older who wants it can have up to four Viagra pills a month after undergoing a thorough medical exam to avoid potentially harmful side effects of the drug Sildenafil.
“We’ll give out four, 50 milligram pills, in other words, for four sexual relationships per month,” Navarrete said, adding that the program would have a starting cost of about 20,000 dollars.
The mayor said the idea for his unprecedented move came from hearing older men in his town complain about not getting enough sex.
He did have some advice, however, for the Viagra seekers: “Sildenafil doesn’t get you going without direct stimulation.”

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Apr 29, 2008 12:00pm PDT

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