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Iron Man, Marvel’s first self-produced film, made an amazing $100+ million over the weekend. And it’s made over $200 million worldwide already in only five days of being released!!

So, it’s no surprise that Iron Man 2 is already in the works.

It even has a release date!

Iron Man 2 is set tentatively scheduled to be released on April 30, 2010.

Talk about moving quickly!

And Marvel’s movie, titled The Avengers, even has a release date. It’s set to come out in July 2011. We smell a 4th of July release date happening.

Things are looking well for Marvel, who’s also set to release The Incredible Hulk later this summer, along with Punisher: War Zone in December.

It appears 2011 will mark an “Avengers”-themed summer for Marvel. It’s The First Avenger: Captain America is set to be release on May 6, 2011, followed of course by the July release of The Avengers.

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