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Here She Comes, Donkey!


We called it!

Two weeks ago we predicted that Mel B. would be coming after Eddie Murphy and his money.

We were soooo right.

The former Spice Girl’s attorney, famewhoring Gloria Allred, sent out a press release on Wednesday announcing that she’s going to have a press conference later today.

An announcement about an announcement!

Bitch wants loads of press and paparazzi there when she and Mel B. discuss Murphy’s “shocking and appalling conduct since he learned Ms. Brown was pregnant, and after the baby was born, as well as the role that single fathers like Murphy should play in the lives of their children.”

In her press release, Allred also claimed that she plans to file a paternity case against Murphy to legally establish that he is the father of Mel B’s child with the actor, even though a paternity test recently revealed that he is the dad.

The press conference will occur at 12 PM Pacific.

Money money money money!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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