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Hilary Duff Has Had 'Conversations' About A 'Lizzie McGuire' Reboot!

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Yes, a Lizzie McGuire reboot is actually in the realm of possibility! 
According to Hilary Duff *herself*, there have been “some conversations” about reviving the beloved Disney Channel show — but she doesn’t want your 2-dimensional inner thoughts getting their hopes up just yet.
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Speaking to ET at an animal rescue fundraiser in El Lay, the 31-year-old dished:

“There’s been some conversations. It’s definitely not a go. I don’t want to get everyone wild talking about it.”

But it’s not NOT a go either!
While we’re a long way from a reboot actually happening, if ever, the Duffster made it clear she was very down to reprise her career defining role, continuing:

“I mean I love her so much. I think she was so important to girls at an important time in their life. If she could be important to them again at this age, I think that would be amazing.”

So, where would Lizzie be today?

“There’s been lots of conversations about that…I’m racking my brain. I don’t think she’s a mom yet, but she might be getting there soon.”

We guess Lizzie didn’t maintain her pop star career or win a Pulitzer after exposing Paolo Valisari’s lip-syncing during the 2003 International Music Video Awards. How quick the world is to forget…
Clearly, there’s still lots more to discuss. But either way, Duff is excited about the possibilities. She added:

“It’s fun. I feel excited… It could be a possibility or it could be nothing, so we’ll see.”

For now, we’ll keep dreaming.
[Image via WENN.]

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Dec 07, 2018 16:03pm PDT

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