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Hillary Clinton Delivers Her Real Housewives Tagline & Takes Shots At The Trumps On WWHL!

hillary clinton appears on wwhl

Hillary Clinton is on a roll!

As you may be aware, the former First Lady has been making the rounds on the daytime and late night TV circuit as of lately to promote her Hulu docuseries, Hillary. Naturally, she stopped by Watch What Happens Live for shotskis and more political talk.

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Of course, Andy Cohen inquired into her Real Housewives tagline. Her response? Iconic:

“I’m neither as good or as bad as some people say.”

Hillz also answered several audience questions, including one about her thoughts on Melania Trump‘s “Be Best” anti-bullying campaign. She quipped:

“I think she should look closer to home.”

While we’re on the topic of double standards, Cohen inquired into that, as well. Hillary answered, calling out “rude” Donald Trump for one:

“There’s a lot of double standards with our politics, and I think when it comes to insulting people, it’s kind of baked into what currently is the accepted political rhetoric on the right. You know that’s really what [Donald] Trump understood, that he could attack, and insult, and demean, and hate, and that the people he was trying to get to vote for him, and still is, would think that was him being authentic and not ‘politically correct.’ I think it’s being rude, and I don’t think it has anything to do with authenticity, but some people feel that and so he plays to that. Where as, I don’t think we want to hurt people’s feelings, we don’t want to be unnecessarily virulent and nasty toward people, and so yeah, I think we sort of hold ourselves, and those who agree with us politically to a different standard.”

And as for bullies, HRC also gave advice for how she maintains such thick skin:

“I’ve learned over the years to take criticism seriously but not personally. And by that, I mean if somebody has a legitimate critique, I mean you’ve been in this business, you know ‘you could do that better’ or ‘why did you do this,’ you want to learn, but you don’t want criticism to just bring you to your knees, to just tell you to stay in bed with your covers over your head. So that’s how I’ve basically done it, but I have a great group of friends, my family, people who support me. So you know, I’ve been really given that gift over the course of my life, even though I’ve taken on hard things and been knocked down a few times, I’ve always had people around me to love and who have supported me.”

Continuing on the topic of politics, the 72-year-old also responded to a viewer question about which of the Democratic presidential hopefuls she has spoken with. Clinton said:

“I’ve been in touch with a number of them, I’ve not been in touch with a few of them – most notably Bernie Sanders. But with everybody else if they’ve reached out to me I’ve immediately responded.”

But, if he called she would “absolutely pick up the phone:

“Politics should be the art of addition and multiplication not subtraction and division right and so if somebody reaches out I will always meet with that person.”

Of course, no visit to the Bravo clubhouse would be complete without a shotski:

Ch-ch-check out more from Hillary and Andy (below):

Thoughts, Perezcious political experts?? We can’t wait to hear ’em!!

[Image via Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen/YouTube.]

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