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Terrifying Kidnapping Caught On Home Security Camera!!

Blink Doorbell Camera catches kidnapping

Chilling footage has been released showing the moment a woman was kidnapped from a stranger’s front door.

On Monday, the Hillsboro Police Department in Oregon released a terrifying bulletin revealing that at around 10:45 p.m. on Sunday night, a woman was taken by force in a terrifying kidnapping captured in home security footage.

In the video, you can see the unnamed woman ring a doorbell before a man runs up behind her and grabs her.

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She immediately began pleading for her life, screaming, “please help me, please, please!” as the bearded man carried her away and put her in a white pickup truck. You can see the chilling footage (below):

SO scary…

But amazingly, and luckily, the woman was found safe on Tuesday morning and a suspect was arrested. The HPD wrote in a press release the same day:

“The suspect and victim knew each other and this was not a random attack. There is no danger to the public. The suspect is charged with Kidnapping.”

Law enforcement didn’t reveal how exactly the two knew each other, and declined to reveal the names of either one of them.

As for the place the woman was abducted from, homeowner Marisol Villaraldo told KGW8 that she didn’t recognize either the victim or the suspect in her Blink footage. She told the news station:

“She looked scared. In her voice, you could tell she was frantic, and she needed help, and the way she grabbed onto the door in the video when you see it, that is like, not normal.”

So chilling. We’re just so glad the woman was found safe.

[Images via KGW News/YouTube]

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