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Someone Invented A Horse Head Squirrel Feeder And It's The Best Thing In The World

Horse head squirrel feeder is the best thing in the whole world!
Squirrels are like little stuffed animals that are also super afraid of you.
But it’s okay, we get it, most people are a**holes.
Though they are kinda ruining human-squirrel relations for us. We can’t even get close enough to a squirrel to squeeze the cute juice out of it.
So we guess we’ll have to settle watching them from afar.
Problem is, squirrels tend to eat, run in spirals up trees, and eat more. Kinda boring.
Thank goodness for the greatest invention mankind has ever dreamt up: the horse head squirrel feeder!!
That’s right, it’s a horse head, full of food, that a squirrel has to enter to get some snacks.
We force these little beasts to embarrass themselves for our pleasure and it’s just wonderful.
He looks like he’s about the break out into a squirrely Harlem Shake! Or maybe some mad scientist’s experiment went horribly cute!
Either way, this gave us quite the chuckle.
[Image via Imgur.]

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Feb 28, 2014 11:06am PDT

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