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Indiana Man Charged With Murder Of Missing Woman Who Predicted In TikTok Video She Would Be 'Killed' By Him!

Indiana Man Charged With Murder Of Missing Woman Who Eerily Predicted In TikTok Video She Would Be 'Killed' By Him!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

An Indiana man was charged with the murder of a 44-year-old woman who disappeared last month — after she predicted he would kill her in a video posted to social media!

According to court documents obtained by WTHR, Brandi Bradley had moved in with 39-year-old Jonathon Christy in December 2023. And the living situation quickly turned into a nightmare for the woman. She shared several videos on TikTok claiming Christy had abused her. Brandi claimed in a video shared by the outlet:

“I’ve been choked out five times, unconsciousness, and TikTok needs to know. Help me!”

Her daughter told WTHR that the alleged man referenced in the video is Christy. Another video posted showed Brandi alleging her “bedroom door has been kicked in” and her electric heater had been stolen from her. She then asked her followers:

“Do you have somebody threatening to murder you?”

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Whoa. Whaat?! And there was then one clip that may have been eerily prophetic. Brandi stated in a video at one point:

“If I end up dead and my dismembered body is found all over Kokomo, it was Jonathon Christy.”


And several weeks later, she went missing. WTHR reported police said Brandi last had contact with her family on January 19, 2024. She was reported missing to the Kokomo Police Department on February 11, 2024. And just this week, law enforcement arrested and charged Christy with her murder.

Police said the arrest on Tuesday came after they were tipped off by multiple people claiming Christy had asked to use their burn piles and spray paint his truck the day after Bradley disappeared. During the investigation, authorities eventually were led to a dumpster in Kempton, Indiana, showing “definite signs” that a fire had been lit inside. Digging through the dumpster, they found the burnt remains of a necklace, a tarp, a belt, and other debris. Police also discovered human bones. Fox 59 reports that police have not confirmed if the bones belong to Brandi.

The biggest piece of evidence against Christy? The day before his arrest, police said they were contacted by someone on February 25 who claimed to have vital information about the case. This person alleged to the cops that Christy reached out to them in January and offered them $500 to help with a job. They went to the home where Christy told them, “It’s done.” When the individual went inside the house, they claimed to have seen Brandi’s body lying dead on the ground with a bag over her head and a belt around her neck.

Christy allegedly told the person that Brandi had trashed his place, causing him to “lose control” and attack her with a wrench. The witness explained to the police that Christy forced them to help put her remains into his truck, and they drove to another house, which had a large dumpster outside. Court docs state Christy told the individual that he’d “have to burn it” – referencing Brandi’s body. The person then claimed to have witnessed the suspect light the body on fire. This poor woman…

At this time, police say the investigation is still ongoing. Christy entered a plea of not guilty, per online court records. Watch (below) for more details about the case:

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[Image via Kokomo Police Department, Brandi Bradley/Facebook]

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