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Alice Evans' Ex Ioan Gruffudd HACKED After Announcing He's Making A Movie For Girlfriend To Star In!

Ioan Gruffudd Hacked Bianca Wallace Movie Post Alice Evans Reacts

OMG, the drama never ends with these two!

We’re over a year out from Titanic star Ioan Gruffudd leaving his wife Alice Evans, apparently for a woman 20 years younger, an aspiring actress named Bianca Wallace, whom he met on the set of his show.

Alice has gone through peaks and valleys of furious and incendiary social media posting about her interpretation of the betrayal. She’s accused Bianca of a lot of things, including being a “psychopath” who preyed on an older, more successful man to jumpstart her career. The picture she painted got, well… frankly, kind of a shot in the arm in the eyes of many this week. It was announced Ioan is co-directing a film written by AND starring Bianca.

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Previous to dating the Fantastic Four alum, the 30-year-old only had credits in a couple little-seen independent shorts. So this is a HUGE career bump for her. The actress, who herself recently shared a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, will play the lead in A Ray of Sunshine, which follows “a chronically ill, newly married young woman… struggling to come to terms with her life-altering diagnosis of multiple sclerosis while searching for the strength to push forward with her dreams before it’s too late.”

Ioan told Deadline about the script:

“Bianca’s unique way of approaching such a sensitive and personal topic as Multiple Sclerosis, with such raw emotion and the perfect glimmer of humor, made me certain that there was something special ahead and I knew I wanted to be involved”


We’ll just let y’all judge all that for yourselves. The drama came on social media hours later when Ioan’s Instagram bio was changed to read:

“I just removed my child from her school because I need the money for my movie with Bianca. MY LITTLE PONY.”

OMG! And a couple posts were also made at the time, the first mirroring the bio, reading:

“I canceled my daughters school so Bianca will be an even bigger star.”

That was also a caption that said, “I’m a great father,” along with smiley face and thumbs-up emojis.

The second, even more shocking one read:

“I’ve always had a disliking for gay people.”

OK, it definitely seems like the actor got hacked, but those first statements were so specific. Obviously all eyes were on Alice afterward. She actually posted (then deleted) a screen grab of the “daughter’s school” post, writing:

“What is this? Ioan ? ELLLLAAAAA!!!”

Is she implicating the couple’s daughter Ella here? Could the 12-year-old have gotten ahold of her father’s phone and put him on blast?? Because if so DAMN that is savage.

Like we said, Alice deleted her posts showing the altered messages, and Ioan has cleared it up on his end as well. They aren’t talking about what happened, but it’s clear whoever posted the accusations was pretty upset with Ioan and his new movie.

What do YOU think about the film announcement??

[Image via Alice Evans/Bianca Wallace/Instagram.]

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Feb 10, 2022 15:53pm PDT