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Father Of 13-Year-Old Who Died In TikTok 'Benadryl Challenge' Warns Parents Of Dangers

Father Of 13-Year-Old Who Died In TikTok Challenge Warns Parents Of Dangers

The father of 13-year-old Jacob Stevens has a message for all parents following his son’s tragic death.

As you may have heard, the young teen from Ohio died last month as a result of an overdose on allergy medication — he was participating in a viral challenge making a wave on TikTok called the “Benadryl challenge.” The trend has been around for years, with the goal being to take 12-14 pills of the antihistamine in order to induce a hallucinogenic high. It’s very dangerous and has reportedly claimed the lives of several people. So, so sad.

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According to Justin Stevens, the boy’s father, Jacob was home alone with friends when he attempted the challenge. Instead of getting high, though, his body started seizing. Heartbreakingly, when he was brought to the hospital he was put on a ventilator, and his brain scans showed no activity. He was declared braindead and his family had to make the hard decision to take him off of the vent. Six days after taking the medicine, he died.

The grieving family isn’t letting their son’s death be senseless, though, as they have decided to speak out against these dangerous internet trends — Justin in particular doesn’t want other parents to have to experience what he’s going through. While speaking with The US Sun over the weekend, the dad said:

“You’re looking for a fun or a good time in the beginning, but, well, the outcome’s not always fun and games. My son lost his life trying to have a good time with a couple of his friends and really didn’t realize what he was doing.”

He felt now more than ever it was important to warn families and younger kids of the horrors of his son’s “bad decision” and the “freak accident” that took his life:

“It was our son’s shell laying there with a machine pumping oxygen into him. He didn’t make a move, nothing for six days.”

Just gut-wrenching…

The heartbroken dad also took time at Jacob’s funeral last Wednesday to warn his son’s friends attending about the dangerous trend:

“If you hear your friends talking about trying to do something like this or whatever, tell an adult. I just tried to express to them to look out for each other and don’t talk your friends into doing stuff like that. Talk them out of it.”

Justin also said he’s trying to get companies to enforce age restrictions on over-the-counter medication and social media apps after his son’s passing:

“If it takes me the rest of my life to do something, it’s gonna happen.”

Our hearts continue to be with Justin and the rest of Jacob’s family as they navigate this unthinkable tragedy. No family should ever have to experience something like this, but it’s wonderful how they’re putting their voices out there to try and put an end to these senseless deaths…

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Should age restrictions on OTC meds and social media become widespread? Let us know (below).

[Image via WSYX ABC 6/YouTube/Ashley Dean/GoFundMe]

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