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Jake Gyllenhaal Got Terrible Staph Infection While Filming Road House

Jake Gyllenhaal Got Terrible Staph Infection While Filming Road House

Jake Gyllenhaal was definitely committed while filming Road House… So much so he got himself a nasty infection!

If you haven’t heard, the 43-year-old stars in a remake of the Patrick Swayze-led ’80s action classic of the same name. The 2024 reboot drops on Amazon Prime March 21 and co-stars boxing pro Conor McGregor, so if you’re itching for a violent, pulse pounding, adrenaline spiking two hours, we’d recommend checking it out…

Hell, after hearing what he went through for the movie, Jake deserves a big ol’ box office hit! Wait, what do you call a blockbuster on streaming? LOLz!

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While appearing on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast on Monday — with Conor — the Brokeback Mountain star cued listeners into just how brutal the shoot got:

“We’re fighting on the floor, fighting around tables, we’re fighting around glass.”


At one point, he remembered putting his “hand on the bar [on] f**king straight glass” — OUCH! He remembered:

“I felt the glass going in my hand. I remember the feeling [and] went, ‘That’s a lot of glass.’”

He said stuff like that happened “all the time” during production, so he doesn’t even remember exactly when… but he apparently got a staph infection at one point! While talking to Conor, he theorized:

“I thought it came from, remember that scene where you come with a piece of wood? I grabbed your arm and I thought, ‘Oh, maybe I’m injured.’ But my whole arm swelled up. It ended up being staph.”

Oof. That’s GNARLY. For those who don’t know, staph infections occur when staphylococcus bacteria enters your “bloodstream, joints, bones, lungs or heart” and leads to potentially DEADLY infections if not treated, per the Mayo Clinic. But luckily, Jake got his taken care of:

“Gratefully, I was really, really trying to take care of everything that we did and my body while we were doing it.”

Despite the rough shoot, Jake says he “didn’t sustain any major injuries.” Phew!

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[Images via Prime Video/YouTube]

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