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Dentist's Wife Almost Solved Her Own Poisoning Murder -- Because He Allegedly Drugged Her Years Before!

Dentist Charged With Wife's Poisoning Murder Allegedly Drugged Her Years Before!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

More details have emerged in the case of the Colorado dentist accused of poisoning his wife.

Earlier this week, we reported that Angela Craig, a mother of six, who went to the hospital multiple times in March as she suffered sudden “severe headaches and dizziness” — with doctors struggling to pinpoint a cause. By March 15, she was back in the hospital, where her health quickly deteriorated, leaving her brain dead just four days later. Medical personnel made the decision to take her off life support.

Thanks to a tip from one of her husband James Craig’s employees, this went from a medical emergency to a murder investigation. And the father of her children quickly became the prime suspect in her death.

As we previously reported, James is a practicing dentist, which gives him the ability to purchase dangerous substances not just anyone can get. But one day in March, a package arrived at his office, and an employee was shocked to see a biohazard sticker and the words “potassium cyanide”. After a quick Google search, she realized that the exposure symptoms were exactly what her boss’s wife was going through! The clever employee shared the info with James’ business partner, who then told a nurse at the hospital, who reported it to the authorities. Unfortunately it was too late to save Angela’s life…

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The Aurora Police Department jumped on the case quickly, however, seizing James’ electronics, the protein powder, and some mystery substances from his home. They eventually discovered that he was having an affair. Not only that, he had been searching online “how to make poison,” and what substances “show no signs of foul play,” according to the affidavit. He tried to tell investigators his wife had an opioid addiction, but the evidence was all too clear — and because doctors had already taken Angela off life support, James was charged with first-degree murder.

Now, it’s been revealed that this wasn’t even the first instance in which James allegedly poisoned his poor wife.

According to the arrest affidavit, authorities claimed James previously drugged Angela “five to six years ago.” A source close to the victim allegedly informed investigators that at the time, James had “drugged [Angela with an unknown drug] because he had planned to go into their bathroom and give himself a lethal injection of something and commit suicide.” Whoa.

The source added:

“James told Angela he drugged her so she wouldn’t find him, nor be able to save him, which would give the lethal drugs time to kill him.”

How terrible. Not only a dangerous and scary thing to do to someone you’re supposed to love and want to protect, but a disgusting abuse of his position as a medical professional. What’s worse, Angela may have even suspected James of poisoning her again before her tragic death…

Authorities cited text messages between the two on March 6, where she told him, “I feel drugged.” He responded by acknowledging his previous wrongdoing — and then seemingly lying to her: 

“Given our history, I know that must be triggering. Just for the record, I didn’t drug you.”

So, so sad. If only she’d listened to her instincts and ignored his protestations.

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The affidavit also alleges that James had an obsession with pornography, and a history of cheating on Angela. Someone close to the two claimed James was “addicted to porn since he was a teenager,” and engaged in “multiple affairs with several women.” We reported in our Monday coverage that cops had found evidence of “intimate” and “sexually explicit” email exchanges with one other woman, who has now been identified as an Austin, Texas orthodontist. During Angela’s hospitalization, the unnamed mistress flew to Colorado to be with James, who hoped to “start a new life” with her, according to the affidavit.

The man flew out his mistress during his wife’s medical emergency?? Absolutely wild.

As of now, it’s unclear if the father of six has entered a plea deal for the murder charge, or if he’s retained an attorney, but court records indicate he will appear before a judge Thursday.

Our hearts are absolutely broken for Angela and James’ six children, who range between the ages of 8 to 20, and are now left without a mother, because of their own father. A monster in every sense of the word — we hope to see justice served as soon as possible.

Share your thoughts on the chilling update in the comments down below.

[Images via James & Angela Craig/Facebook & Aurora Police Department]

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