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Amanda Bynes' Psychiatric Hold Will Likely Be Extended As Harrowing New Details Are Revealed About Her Time On The Streets

Amanda Bynes poses on INstagram

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

It sounds like Amanda Bynes will continue to live under the watch of professionals while getting the psychiatric care she needs beyond the initial 5150 hold.

Of course, we are still reeling from the shocking situation around the former child star. As we’ve been reporting, Bynes was found naked and walking the streets near downtown Los Angeles this past weekend. She was taken to a hospital by a passerby, at which point she was placed under the care of doctors.

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But while normal 5150 psychiatric holds tend to last 72 hours, they can be extended. And in Amanda’s case, it sounds like hers will be stretched out as she continues to receive care.

That’s according to TMZ, at least. The media outlet published a report on Wednesday morning indicating the What I Like About You alum “will likely spend an extended period of time getting the psychiatric care she needs.” The outlet claims she has already “started to make improvements” while being under the care of psychiatrists and doctors. However, it will now be “at least another week” until she is ready to go home once again. That’s probably for the best.

The news org also released details about Amanda’s apparent whereabouts leading up to her discovery in Los Angeles. According to the outlet, insiders close to the troubled star believe the All That alum was likely “living on the streets for several days” before she was found and brought to a hospital.

Her car was apparently first towed for some unspecified reason last Wednesday in Long Beach. That is nearly 25 miles from downtown El Lay, and about 40 miles from her home northwest of the city. But somehow, Amanda “hitchhiked or took public transport” to head north over a period of days.

On Saturday, sources say she was spotted in the Hollywood area “appearing out of it but still clothed.” That would seem to track with our own prior reporting on this case. Perezcious readers will recall how we covered the story of a TikTok creator who saw Amanda on St. Patrick’s Day — which was Friday — walking alone on the streets of Hollywood. At some point in there, TMZ reports, Bynes “got a ride to Beverly Hills from a stranger,” but then quickly returned to Hollywood.

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That’s where ET picks up the story. In two reports on Tuesday, that outlet cited multiple sources who shared details about the timeline of events in Bynes’ days on the streets. That outlet also references the Friday night St. Patrick’s Day outing, with a source claiming Bynes “walked by Palmas Smoke Shop in Los Angeles on Friday night with a friend.”

The insider explained:

“Every Friday night, the shop puts on a hip-hop show, so she saw the party. Amanda and her friend didn’t hang out for too long. She was noticeable because of her face tattoo.”

And that insider added:

“It seemed as though Amanda and her friend had been at a bar on the street earlier. She seemed like she was in a good mood and just having fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. There didn’t appear to be any issues at all.”

But at some point in the night, something changed. Around 1:00 am on Saturday morning, people saw the What A Girl Wants star “wandering alone” on Hollywood’s main drag. A second insider claimed the scene was starting to become more unsettling as a woman — it’s unclear whether it was the TikToker mentioned previously — tried to offer help:

“Amanda was wandering alone on Hollywood Boulevard at around 1 am on Saturday. No one really recognized her or noticed her. She was walking tensely and by herself. A woman started walking with her and tried to help her. Amanda asked the woman to hold her.”

ET‘s second insider continued:

“Amanda seemed to be in a loving, wholesome mood [but] seemed as though she was out of it.”


From there, the outlet’s second source also referenced the Beverly Hills story. It sounds like the ex-Nickelodeon star was taken to BH and then returned to Hollywood. But this insider also mentions a moment in which Bynes reportedly claimed “her boyfriend kicked her out” of their home leading up to all this:

“[Bynes] asked to be dropped off at her friend’s place in Beverly Hills. When the woman went to drop her off, Amanda’s friend did not answer. Amanda said she did not want to go home and noted that her boyfriend kicked her out. Amanda then asked to be dropped back off on Hollywood Blvd., and the woman obliged.”

Jeez. Of course, Bynes had been recently engaged to now-ex-fiancé Paul Michael. He spoke to reporters about her situation earlier this week, too. Although he confirmed their relationship has long been over and the duo were just “friends now.” So this “boyfriend” kicking Bynes out would appear to be another person?

Regardless, the whole thing is gut-wrenching. Long Beach, to Hollywood, to Beverly Hills, to being found in downtown. No car, accepting rides from strangers, days on the streets. Ugh. It really could have turned out a lot worse.

We continue to wish the best for Amanda and hope for a full recovery.

If you or someone you know is experiencing substance abuse, help is available. Consider checking out the resources SAMHSA provides at or check out

[Image via Amanda Bynes/Instagram]

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