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James Franco Is 'Relieved' About His Oscars Snub Amid Sexual Misconduct Scandal!

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It’s a relief not to be nominated for James Franco!
The actor’s performance in The Disaster Artist did not land him a nomination for the 2018 Oscars — but the snub isn’t exactly tearing him apart, insiders say.
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A source said that Franco is “somewhat relieved” about being left out of the Oscar race, as he’d rather keep a low profile while his name gets thrown in the woodchipper of the Time’s Up movement.
The insider explained to E! News:

“James is disappointed in not getting an Oscar nomination but also very understanding and somewhat relieved. He doesn’t want it to look like the snub is correlated with the allegations against him.”

It’s hard not to correlate the two, especially when Franco’s Best Actor win at the Golden Globes was tainted by a gaggle of women storming social media to blast him for his past roles, including Exploitative Teacher and Head Pushing Boyfriend.
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As Franco’s name gets pulled into the line of fire, the man himself is trying to “stay under the radar” until the movement blows over. The source continued:

“James is trying to get through this rocky patch and hopes everything will blow over appropriately. He is really leaning on his family right now and trying to stay under the radar as much as possible.”

Franco has said he would gladly “take a knock” over the accusations — which, he says, aren’t entirely accurate — because he believes in the #MeToo movement THAT much.
That said, it will be interesting to see if he shows up to the Academy Awards at all. Maybe he should hand over his invitation (and Time’s Up pin) to someone who really deserves it… like, say, Tommy Wiseau?
[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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