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Jana Kramer Hints She Went On Some Dates With John Mayer -- And Why It Wouldn't Work Out!

jana kramer hints she dated john mayer why it didn't work religion christian jewish

Jana Kramer is officially getting back in the dating game — and throwing some shade!

On this week’s episode of her podcast Whine Down with Jana Kramer, the 38-year-old revealed she’s been dating again! Curious, her producer asked if it was anyone she’d know — to which Jana replied cryptically:

“Oh, my body’s not a wonderland.”

Um — that’s a pretty obvious reference to John Mayer‘s hit 2001 song Your Body Is A Wonderland. Is she saying she dated the singer?!

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She and her friends shared some laughter about the reference but moved on to talk about Kramer’s dating life. She revealed she had gone on a date with a Jewish man, but said it didn’t work out because she’s Christian:

“Everyone knows I’m a Christian. I realized how important that is for me — for the other person to have that same quality or same beliefs for not only what I want in my life, but, like, my children.”

The One Tree Hill alum said she was scared about getting “cancelled” for wanting to date within her religion, but reiterated the man she went out with was a “really good dude”. She also clarified she has no issue with anyone else’s religious beliefs — it’s just her personal preference:

“He’s Jewish. … And I have no problem with that. The only problem — not problem — but is, like, what I want for my family and my kids. Can we pray to different things and that still work in a relationship for what I want now? Before I wouldn’t care at all. … Not that I didn’t care at all, but like, I could never date an atheist just because that would be really tough for me.”

It’s important you make sure the person you’re bringing into your life, especially if you have children, is someone you can get along with. That’s not to say dating outside of religion is impossible, millions of people do so and lead the happiest of lives!

The I Hope It Rains singer got called out by her friends, though! Apparently she’s dating a Jewish man right now! Her friend asked her what we’re all wondering — why entertain this “other dude” if they don’t have the same beliefs? Isn’t that her dealbreaker? Plus, it doesn’t seem like her friends are too fond of him, as one of them tacked on:

“My beef with ‘other dude’ is not that he’s Jewish. It’s that he sucks.”


The actress was quick to confirm she isn’t looking to get serious with this guy, though. She noted he’s “really good for hot girl summer” — but not someone she’s planning to bring home to her kiddos! Kramer is still seemingly looking for “the one” in all the wrong places:

“Deep, deep, deep, deep down. There’s definitely something in me that’s like, ‘I want to be the one that he chooses because he’s such a hard one to get. Like, he’s so unavailable and, like, this is [part of] my issues from, like, way back in my 20s. So there’s a little piece of me, that Jana that kind of comes up, there’s a piece that just wants to have fun and know that that’s just what it is. Like, my therapist is like, ‘When it stops being fun, you need to, like, stop.’ But there’s also the other piece of me, it’s like, ‘Well, maybe.’ Because I know that I’m the longest person he’s hung out with since his divorce.”

At the end of her rant, she said she’s “over it” with the unnamed man, so it’s moving on time for Jana! But we can’t help but wonder what — if anything — went down between her and Mayer, though. Could he have been one of these guys she’s spilling the tea about here? Hmm…

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