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Twitter Can't Process Jared Leto Looking So Unrecognizable In New House Of Gucci Pics -- LOOK!

Jared Leto house of gucci transformation twitter

Jared Leto is a master of onscreen transformations, but the Oscar winner looks so unrecognizable in his House of Gucci role that fans are convinced they’re looking at a different actor altogether!

On Thursday, MGM dropped the first set of character posters from Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated murder drama, once again showing Lady Gaga and Adam Driver in character as Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci, while unveiling the lewks for Al Pacino as Aldo Gucci and Jeremy Irons as Rodolfo Gucci.

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But onlookers couldn’t look away from Leto, who is completely, utterly unrecognizable in prosthetics as Paolo Gucci. See the pic for yourself (below):

One more time up close:


Predictably, many social media users were alarmed by the Suicide Squad star’s new mug, musing:

“How is this Jared Leto bro

“Ain no way that’s Jared leto”


Clearly, Jared Leto visited the beach that makes you old #HouseOfGucci

“Oh man I can’t wait to see Jared Leto in this gritty Super Mario Bros reboot”

“Jared Leto about to call games for the Giants”

“Finally Jared Leto has appeared in his true form”

Many couldn’t help but point out that Leto looked like Arrested Development star Jeffrey Tambor:

“jared leto is playing jeffrey tambor”

“Now we find out that Jared Leto is really Jeffery Tambor’s son”

“PRODUCER: ‘Hey, so Jeffrey Tambor passed on “House of Gucci.’ … DIRECTOR: ‘Then get me Jared Leto!’ ”

“I think they should have cast Jason Schwartzman as Jared Leto as Jeffrey Tambor”

“Jared Leto IN … ‘The Jeffery Tambor Story'”

Yup, we see it…

Of course, the new pic made quite a few people only more excited to see Leto’s performance:

“Haters gonna hate, but I’m excited to see what Jared Leto does with this role”

“Jared Leto, the chameleon.”

Jared Leto ALWAYS understands the assignment”

Others, meanwhile, were confused why Scott just didn’t cast a different actor in the role:

“this is a petty gripe, but it’s SO ridiculous to cast jared leto (second from left) in a role that could be played by any average-looking character actor.”

“Every overweight, middle-age, balding, white male actor looking at Jared Leto are finally understanding why representation matters.”

But one Twitter user made an excellent point:

“ ‘jared leto is taking away roles from middle aged actors’ that man is 50 years old he IS the middle aged actor”


We did not even realize, but we guess they’re right!

Perezcious readers, what do U think about Leto’s new lewk — and the character photos in general? Sound off (below)!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN]

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