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Jared Leto Recalls Leaving Silent Retreat & Entering 'Zombie Apocalypse' At Start Of Coronavirus Pandemic!

Jared Leto Recalls Leaving Silent Retreat & Entering ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ At Start Of Coronavirus Pandemic

You remember that time nearly a year ago when the coronavirus was just a blip on everyone’s radar right before it became a massive, global heath crisis?

Well, Jared Leto sure does! Because while the world was wrapping their minds around lockdowns and new safety protocols last March, the musician was none the wiser, shut away from the world on a two-week retreat.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Leto revealed what it was like to emerge to an unrecognizable world, telling Jimmy Fallon:

“When I went away, there were about 150 cases and just in that short amount of time, when I came out, there was a shutdown, a state of emergency and the whole world had changed.”

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During the retreat, the 49-year-old made the decision to turn off all electronics so he could remain present, and according to him, the staff of the trip decided against making their students aware of the devastating news for the same purposes. He recalled:

“They made a decision, ‘Let’s not disturb the participants.’ And I didn’t turn on my phone until I went back to L.A. So, I drove the whole way trying to be, like, peaceful and zen, keep the feeling going. I got back, and I was, you know, kind of shocked.”

No kidding! Nothing about March 2020 was peaceful or zen!!

He added:

“It was like coming out to the zombie apocalypse.”

Watch the full interview (below) to hear the silver lining of attending the meditation getaway at the very start of the pandemic. Yes, there really was one:

Can you believe it’s almost been a year since Jared’s humorous return to the real world??

[Image via Jared Leto/Instagram]

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