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Jason Sudeikis Calls BS On Olivia Wilde's 'Insane' Claim He's Putting Her In Debt With Child Custody Battle!

Jason Sudeikis Calls BS On Olivia Wilde’s ‘Insane’ Claim He’s Bleeding Her Dry With Child Custody Battle!

Jason Sudeikis says he isn’t out for revenge — despite what Olivia Wilde is saying in court!

As we covered on Friday morning, Olivia submitted papers to a Los Angeles court accusing her ex of trying to “litigate her into debt” as they fight over where their children, Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6, should be raised. The Don’t Worry Darling director’s powerhouse divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, told a judge her client “cannot” afford to keep dealing with Jason’s many filings — acknowledging the Ted Lasso star is the wealthier of the two. She wrote:

“Jason should not be permitted to litigate Olivia into debt, and then claim she should be deprived of her right to seek a need-based fee contribution from him.”

These documents were submitted ahead of a planned hearing on Friday, but it was canceled at the last minute. And there’s a very important reason why!

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According to TMZ, a New York judge actually denied Jason’s request to have the child custody case handled by the east coast state. A big win for Olivia — again!

As Perezcious readers may recall, one reason Olivia was so pissed about the ongoing legal situation is that she believes the matter was already settled… and it was. This week’s hearing was supposed to determine where the children should call home, with Olivia vying for California and Jason hoping for New York. Similarly, the mother thought the Golden State should make the ruling while the father wanted NYC courts to decide. (One reason Jason may be so dead-set on New York is that the state is usually less generous when it comes to child support.)

Back in August, a judge actually ruled AGAINST Jason on this same issue, declaring New York wasn’t the children’s home and therefore dismissing his petition. The SNL alum filed an appeal. Now his request has been rejected for a second time!

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So things are really turning out in Olivia’s favor! And if they continue to do so, she might walk away with a decent amount of child support — if her money problems are accurate! At the moment, Jason does NOT think things are as dire as she’s making it sound. Insisting these litigations were not done with malice, a source clapped back at Wilde’s latest arguments, telling ET on Friday:

“The fact that [Wilde is] pleading poverty after having a successful career is insane.”

How much money does Olivia really have? According to the docs obtained by, she declared her total assets were just over $10.5 MILLION! So yeah, “poverty” is certainly taking it too far. But she also claimed she’s spending a shocking $107,000 per month on all her expenses, including her mortgage. Meanwhile her monthly income she put at $71k. So yes, that number is obviously going down for the moment. We’re no financial experts, but as far as debt goes, that would probably take a while…

But legal battles add up! And these two have been trying to resolve their custody arrangement since they split in 2020! Let’s just hope this is a sign this nasty custody battle is wrapping up, but at this rate, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was another plot twist coming! Thoughts? Let us know (below)!

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