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Jennette McCurdy Reveals Brothers' Support Following Shocking I'm Glad My Mom Died Book Release

Jennette McCurdy Reveals Brothers' Support Following Shocking I'm Glad My Mom Died Book Release

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Jennette McCurdy has taken over the publishing world with her bombshell memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died.

In it, the 30-year-old former child star recalls working on iCarly, as well as her rumored feud with Sam & Cat co-star Ariana Grande. The ex-Nickelodeon child actress doesn’t hold back in calling out alleged sordid situations and shocking stories from her tumultuous childhood on TV. Even the title of the book has been a draw for positive and negative attention. McCurdy’s mother died of cancer in 2013, but prior to her passing, the matriarch was allegedly extremely controlling of her daughter’s showbiz career. In the memoir, Jennette retells her mother’s allegedly abusive behavior, including forcing the girl to act and instilling eating disorders at an early age.

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The book has been a hit, selling out on Amazon and at other retailers since its release. Clearly, people are interested in hearing her jaw-dropping allegations. Now, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Jennette spoke about the reaction to I’m Glad My Mother Died.

As for the book title, that was a must-have for her from the very start. The actress explained:

“It was also a title that I knew I wanted early on. I wanted something that was bold and also something that I meant sincerely. I would never use a bold and attention-grabbing title if it weren’t authentic. I would never do it if it were just coming from a flippant place. That’s not my approach to humor. … I knew that anybody who had experienced parental abuse would understand the title, and anybody who had a sense of humor would understand the title.”

Specifically regarding her brothers —  DustinMarcus, and Scott — the former child star said they were “not at all” angered over the book’s title. She added of their approval:

“My brothers have been so supportive, so understanding. They get the title, to put it simply.”


McCurdy explained how the four siblings bonded and grew closer while going through the difficult situation together:

“I have three amazing brothers who went through many of the things that I went through right alongside me. It’s been really great to be able to have their support and validation throughout all of it.”

Such a tough thing to go through — especially for children. So awful. Their mom, Debra McCurdy, is openly described by Jennette as a “narcissist,” alleging truly horrific behavior, like allegedly administering breast and genital examinations until she was 16.

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There is hope in it all, though. For one, McCurdy has been buoyed by the public’s reaction to the memoir. She also has her eye on more future projects in the entertainment world, too. The author explained her optimism in the interview:

“The hope with the book was for it to connect with people, and I’m thrilled that it is, in such a powerful way. It’s amazing to see. I’m working on a novel and a collection of essays now, and I’ve just found that so fulfilling. Honestly, I hope to do more directing. I’ve directed like five short films. I’ve directed a lot of my own projects, and I really hope to do more of that — more writing and directing.”

That part is definitely inspiring. We hope it works out for her! Still, she went through some s**t to get to this point. Ugh!! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via NickRewind/YouTube/ABC News/YouTube]

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