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RHONJ's Jennifer Aydin Gets Chin Implant Removed A Few Months After Initial Surgery: 'No Idea How Whack I Would Look'

Real Housewife Jennifer Aydin Gets Chin Implant Removed


Jennifer Aydin has already gotten her chin implant removed after “struggling” to get used to her new jawline! The Real Housewives of New Jersey star took to Instagram on Tuesday to reveal that she had “rhinoplasty with chin implant and facial lipo” while in Turkey over the summer — just before she had to begin filming season 12 of RHONJ, which premiered earlier this week.

Ahead of the season premiere, the 44-year-old shared three very graphic “video diaries” of her recovery process immediately following the surgeries, which were performed by Dr. Mustafa Ali Yanik. In each video, filmed back in May, her swollen face was wrapped in bandages with bruises all over, and she was also struggling to breathe. It was honestly a pretty scary look (just take a peek at the inset above), and yet, she had to be camera-ready soon after!

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Addressing her appearance before fans watched the new episode, Jennifer expressed:

“I’m totally aware of the criticism some of you may have after you see my face tonight. I had them too! Keep in mind that it was exactly 4 weeks after the date of my surgery. My face was still swollen and numb and it was hard to move, speak or smile. My surgery was already planned from way before I got the news of when filming was to start. And even though I was nervous on some of the backlash that may happen and I had no idea how whack I would look on camera, I remembered that I signed up to show my life. All aspects of it. So instead of healing before I filmed, I healed while I filmed( in more ways than 1) , and let you all watch.”

Bold move, TBH! A lotta reality stars wouldn’t dare…

Despite healing from the plastic surgery which took place seven months ago, Aydin hasn’t been loving her new face, so she underwent more changes over the weekend! The mom of five continued:

“I wasn’t totally happy with my chin from day one, And I was irritated that I listened to the recommendation of the doctor. Bill [Aydin] told me to give it time. Time is your best friend with any type of plastic surgery. I am happy to say that my nose has settled in nicely and is looking better every day. I wasn’t that happy with my chin so I have recently had it removed with [Dr. Kassir].”

Jennifer Aydin with chin implant
Jennifer with the chin implant / (c) Instagram

On Sunday, the Bravolebrity also gave fans a glimpse at her reformed chin, which was covered in a small bandage, in another IG video, saying:

“I had a cute chin before and now it’s back!”

She looked happy AF (even though she couldn’t smile just yet) while revealing that the “big” silicone implant was removed — and she even showed it off to fans! Check out the video update HERE.

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This latest plastic surgery debacle shouldn’t come as a surprise to viewers considering Jennifer already hinted that she regretted her chin implant when she chatted with Bravo Insider over the summer. She told the outlet at the time:

“I don’t know if I love [my chin implant] at this point. I thought that it was going to be better. That’s always the goal, right? To be better. Nobody ever does [plastic surgery] thinking that it’s not gonna go well.”

She supposedly decided to touch up her chin after her doctor and husband, Bill, also a cosmetic surgeon, encouraged her to because “your nose and your chin have to be a certain ration [to each other].” She explained:

“I was told that [a chin implant] is very easy to take out. They don’t file your real chin at all. They just kind of attach it. It’s just a matter of removing it.”

Seems like that was the case since she is looking much less mangled than her other surgeries!! She appears pleased that her face will be back to normal for future filming, adding in her IG Story:

“I’m excited that by the time I do my next type of filming, whenever that is, I’ll be healed and my old chin will be back with my new nose that can still smell a rat.”

Ch-ch-check out her lengthy explanation about her healing process and how it pertains to the latest season (below)!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Do U love how candid Jennifer is being about her treatments?

[Image via Jennifer Aydin/Instagram]

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