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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck 'Frosty'? What's Changed? Body Language Expert Takes Deep Dive, And...

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck 'Frosty'? What's Changed? Body Language Expert Takes Deep Dive…

A body language expert has entered the chat!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are really keeping fans on the edge of their seats amid divorce rumors. After not being seen together for over a month, the couple has made a point to step out more publicly lately — but the sightings have hardly included any PDA and the marriage trouble rumors have only grown worse with time. So, what does this all mean??

Luckily, a body language expert is sharing her two cents. But brace yourselves, Bennifer stans. It’s not the most hopeful update…

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Speaking to on Thursday, Judi James broke down several of the estranged husband and wife’s sightings, starting with their most recent outing in which the Air star went out of his way to avoid a kiss. Instead, Jennifer opted for a half hug and air kiss. The expert dished:

“With all the rumors reaching something of a crescendo, Ben and Jennifer are now talking in body language riddles.”

She continued:

“Their most recent appearances together have thrown up a lack of the kind of intimacy, passion or loving signals that would reassure the fans yet they are performing some polite, social rituals that might define a friendship or family bond.”

Discussing the way Ben chose to pat his wife on the back before heading into his son’s basketball game, Judi said it felt more like he was meeting with a pal instead of a lover, noting:

“When Ben and Jennifer link up here it’s Jen extending one arm in an announcement gesture, signaling a cheek kiss is on the cards. They then perform an air-kiss that Ben might easily perform on his mother or even a mild acquaintance. His raised and rounded cheeks suggest he is happy to greet his wife but rather than any compensatory signals the kiss is super-speedy rather than lingering as he turns his head quickly and pats her back to break before walking off flapping one hand at the press.”

She elaborated:

“Their greeting ritual is a perfect example. We all have different degrees of greeting ritual that vary according to the relationship with the other person. If we are forced for any reason into performing a formal greeting on a partner or loved one in public when we would normally mouth-kiss we tend to compensate by adding an intimate and knowing squeeze or eye-gaze.”

We’ve seen them looking all lovey-dovey countless times, too, so the fact they no longer have love in their eyes is a big problem!

Even when they are touching, the chemistry just isn’t there anymore. The expert turned to a sighting last week when the actor and singer were seen holding hands while leaving Ben’s daughter’s graduation ceremony. They walked together through a parking lot but didn’t flash any smiles — and it was J.Lo’s expression that said it all. Judi explained:

“There is one happier sign at the other graduation event when the couple hold hands in a traditionally intimate gesture of affection and togetherness. But before fans let out a sigh of relief there are the couple’s facial expressions to factor in.”

She detailed:

“A couple in love will do ‘the look of love’ when they gaze at each other. It involves a dramatic softening of the muscles of the face and a warm eye-smile. But here it looks as though Ben and Jennifer’s face remain switched onto ‘frosty,’ despite their eye contact. Ben has also been seen at two of these events clutching a can or a cup in his free hand which would naturally inhibit any spontaneous PDAs with Jen.”

That notion of having no “free hand” came into play at another graduation event. The A-listers were seen walking into a party with both their ring fingers covered up. The Shotgun Wedding alum looked “unhappy” and her hubby avoided PDA by holding a basket, Judi mused:

“For his daughter’s graduation there are similar signals of being together but not keen to perform one simple shared smile or affectionate touch that might quash any rumors. They both look unhappy here, Ben with his head up as he carries a basket and Jennifer with head dipped in a cut-off gesture and with a glum facial expression. Ben’s expression looks almost stricken here with puckered brows and a down-turned mouth, as though he’s feeling some pain. The basket prohibits any hand-holding but Jennifer is also creating boundaries by having her bag hanging between them and by pushing her hand into her skirt pocket.”

So, what does all this mean? Is all hope lost for the couple? Maybe not. Judi speculated that there could be multiple reasons for the conflicting body language, concluding:

“It is possible that the couple are reacting to all the press attention which Ben in particular is known to get frustrated by but Jennifer has always tended to be a fan of the romantic pose and the PDA. While the fans wish nothing but happiness for Ben and Jennifer, these body language signals are probably only adding to any sense of confusion.”


If nothing was the matter — even if they were annoyed with the press — we think they’d at least be demonstrating some more affectionate body language! So, this certainly isn’t a great sign… Thoughts? Do you agree with these interpretations? Let us know (below).

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