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Jennifer Lopez Reconnects With BFF Leah Remini Years After Huge Fight Over 'Selfish' Ben Affleck: SOURCE

Jennifer Lopez BFF Leah Remini Friends Back Together Ben Affleck Divorce

Um… silver lining??

It really sounds like the early reports about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck‘s marriage being in trouble were understating it if anything. Recently we’ve heard they aren’t so much on the road to divorce as they’ve already arrived, parked, and checked their coats. A report from Deux U Thursday had a source claiming lawyers were already working hard to finalize it so they could announce. Damn. It sounds like Bennifer 2.0 is already over.

So who does J.Lo turn to in such a devastating time? When the man she thought was her destiny, the love of her life, is leaving her again? How about the one friend who told her not to fall for his BS??

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Big fans may recall back in 2022 there was a report about how Jen was feuding with her BFF Leah Remini over this exact issue. An insider told Radar Online at the time how Leah doesn’t like Ben and advised her bestie not to take him back:

“Leah was there for Jen when Ben broke her heart. Leah knows everything, all the ugly details about what went down between her best friend and Ben. No wonder she doesn’t like him. Jennifer might have been ready to move on and forgive Ben, but Leah hasn’t and is worried it will happen again.”

Well, on Friday a source told Page Six that was 100% the reason J.Lo and Leah haven’t been on speaking terms for two years! They say the King of Queens star blasted Ben “because he is selfish and is not fully committed as a partner.” That caused Jen, who wanted to believe the best, to ice out her girl:

“J.Lo was so mad, she cut off all ties.”

The source says Leah wasn’t even invited to the wedding! So that’s why she wasn’t there! Damn!

Obviously she could have been vindictive, took a victory lap and said, “I told you so.” But according to the insider, she reached out privately to offer her support in this difficult time. Because first and foremost she cares about Jen.

Damn. That really warms the heart.

J.Lo could really use a shoulder and an ear at the moment, too. Not only is she losing her man, she’s taking a big career hit this year, canceling her entire tour after disappointing ticket sales (though some claim it’s for personal reasons). Innerestingly, a LiveNation rep did say J.Lo “is taking time off to be with her children, family and close friends.” Now we have to wonder if one of the closest friends right now is the one who just had her best interests at heart, even if it meant pissing off her girl.

What do you think of this reconciliation, Perezcious readers? Have YOU ever lost a girlfriend over a guy, only for the guy to go bye-bye this quick? Tell us your stories in the comments!

[Image via Sheri Determan/MEGA/WENN.]

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