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Ronnie & Sammi Are Reuniting On Jersey Shore After More Than A DECADE -- And He's Nervous AF! Watch!

Ronnie & Sammi Are About To Reunite On Jersey Shore Family Vacation After More Than A DECADE Of Space -- And He's Nervous AF!

Get ready for Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Samantha ‘Sammi Sweetheart’ Giancola to finally reunite on camera, y’all…

The duo was obviously the most notable (and fiery) couple in early Jersey Shore history. TBH, their roller coaster relationship was maybe the biggest factor that made the MTV show such a wild success more than a decade ago! But things ended so badly, with so much pain and drama, that they didn’t see each other for YEARS after splitting. The rift got so deep, in fact, that Ronnie’s presence in the Jersey Shore Family Vacation sphere is why Sammi balked at doing the reboot in the first place! But now, that’s all about to change

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MTV posted a new clip from Thursday night’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation in which Ronnie pops up at a Nashville restaurant along with fellow cast members DJ Pauly DMike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, and Vinny Guadagnino. And after a funny debate about the different styles of gravy in New Jersey and Tennessee — and some sweet teasing directed at Ronnie over his “crisp” haircut — they get down to business. Ronnie admits to the guys he’s focused on rebuilding all that he lost with the cast through years of fights and fractured relationships:

“You know I want to continue to rebuild my relationship with everybody and make more memories.”

After Pauly D gives him props for talking the talk, the clip cuts to a confessional where Ronnie says he’s ready to “walk the walk” with them, as well:

“I want to show my roommates that I walk the walk, you know, and that I’m gonna follow through with, you know, with a lot of what I said. And I’m gonna continue to do that and it’s not just a phase.”

We hope so!

Ronnie looks visibly distressed and nervous AF the whole time he’s sitting in the restaurant booth. During the chat, the guys give him a rundown about what’s been going on with the cast. After he inquires about Sammi, the trio explains the latest beef has been between her and Angelina Pivarnick. And interestingly, Ronnie has some wise counsel regarding Angelina’s sordid situation.

The guys explain how Ang just met her real father — and then started a major fracas with him weeks later. Worried about all the fighting Angelina has been doing on camera and off it, Ronnie laments in a confessional that he sees her walking down a similar path to the one he was on for years:

“I just feel like she’s gone through so much, she doesn’t know what to deal with first. In my head, I’m just like, ‘alright, maybe I could possibly help with this.’ I literally see she’s going down the same path of destruction that I went down. It’s when the chaos just gets so crazy that, you know, within a second your whole life changes. I don’t want that for her.”

Wow. Heavy stuff. And big of Ronnie to want to make good by using his unfortunate past experiences by helping Angelina with her life. You can see the exchange in this sneak peek (below):

But what about Ronnie and Sammi?? After all, their reunion is the thing we ALL want to see. And well, it looks like we are going to get to see it tonight when Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on MTV at 8:00 p.m. ET!!

People got an exclusive first look at one single (but critical!) photo of Ronnie sitting with the cast. In the snap, he’s posted up at the end of a couch with the rest of the Jersey Shore crew in a half-circle around it. And yes, Sammi IS there! She’s posted up between JWoww and Snooki only a few feet from Ronnie! So it appears the duo does indeed finally pop up in the same room together. No insight yet on whether Ronnie and Sammi meet individually, or what gets said when they do finally come face-to-face, but based on this brand-new pic, the rest of the cast is around at least some of the time to provide comfort and a buffer.

Guess we’ll have to watch tonight to learn more. But this pic proof of their meeting is HUGE — and a long time coming. You can see the new reunion pic HERE. Thoughts, y’all??

[Image via Dan Jackman/PNP/WENN/MTV/YouTube]

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