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Jessa Duggar Reveals Tragic Miscarriage In Heartbreaking New Video: 'Nothing Could Have Prepared Me'

Jessa Duggar Reveals Tragic Miscarriage In Heartbreaking New Video: 'Nothing Could Have Prepared Me'

Our hearts, prayers, and well wishes are with Jessa Duggar Seewald right now.

On Friday evening, the 30-year-old reality TV veteran opened up in a new video posted to her YouTube channel. The 19 Kids and Counting alum uploaded the 18-minute-long video detailing some recent family happenings in a vlog-style format for her fans. Most notably — and most sadly — she revealed the terrible news of her recent miscarriage.

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Ben Seewald‘s wife was understandably very emotional about the awful ordeal in Friday night’s new upload. She used the video to relay how she told the couple’s kids about the new baby at first. And then, over the holidays at the very end of last year, how they all collectively dealt with the aftermath of the sad pregnancy loss.

According to Jessa, she started to become concerned with potential heath complications during her pregnancy recently. She had been “spotting” blood at different times, she recalled. But while the stress was building, her family tried to cheer her up and lift her spirits until her next doctor’s appointment.

Sadly, as touching as their efforts were, they couldn’t overcome the sadness that consumed her upon learning of the miscarriage. At her next ultrasound appointment, the doctor told Jessa the baby “did not look good.” In the new vid, she recalled what happened next:

“Nothing could have prepared me for the weight of those words in that moment. At that moment I was just in complete shock. I didn’t have words. I just immediately started crying.”

Oh, no.

Ben was right by her side, and the two began to comfort each other. Technicians and the doctor left the room in order to allow the couple privacy to “process through the loss” together. Jessa recalled:

“We were just sitting there holding hands and crying, like, ‘what do we do from here.’ I feel like in some ways miscarriages can be so jarring because you don’t have clear signs of something going wrong. I had minimal spotting for 24 hours, and that was it.”

From there, doctors advised her to have specialists perform a dilation and curettage procedure in order to safely remove the baby from her womb. Jessa agreed with that assessment, and opted to check into a hospital to have it done.

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In the moments leading up to that health procedure, the reality TV alum recalled seeking the grace and love of God for strength through the entire ordeal:

“I was able to thank God in that moment for giving us this life, even if we wouldn’t be able to hold this baby in our arms.”

The procedure was completed, and Jessa thankfully experienced no physical complications from it.

However, the emotional toll of the entire experience began to weigh on her considerably in that moment. With her voice breaking on camera as she re-told the story, the Duggar daughter recounted how difficult it was to be alone with her thoughts:

“Those ten to fifteen minutes before I was taken back to the room where Ben and my mom were waiting were probably some of the hardest in my life, just laying there feeling so alone.”

So sad…

By the end of the video, Jessa admitted she was going to “take a break” from social media for a while and focus on her family, as well as her personal emotional and mental recovery from the tough time. We totally understand that.

As the aftermath of that awful event continues to play out, we hope Jessa and Ben — and their children Spurgeon, 7, Henry, 6, Ivy, 3, and Fern, 18 months — can find comfort and solace in each other.

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You can watch her full video from Friday night (below):

Just heartbreaking.

Sending love and light to the whole Seewald clan.

[Image via Jessa Duggar Seewald/YouTube]

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