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Jessica Simpson Shares More About How She Lost 100 Lbs & People's Obsession With Her Weight

jessica simpson opens up about her 100 lbs weight loss people's obsession with her weight

Jessica Simpson is opening up about her weight loss and the world’s obsession with her size.

In a new discussion with Extra on Wednesday, interviewer Terri Seymour first spoke to the businesswoman about how she finally regained control of her business. You may recall, Jess bought back a huge portion of her company from Sequential Brands Group Inc after they filed for bankruptcy. She describes the feeling of gaining back full control of her billion dollar business as “powerful”:

“It feels inspiring. It feels powerful, but in a really humble way because we worked so hard to get to this ownership and, like, after 18 years of having a collection, to actually own it and to have put all of my, liquidate my investments, put all my faith in getting this just for myself and for my children one day, it was a moment that, I still sometimes don’t believe it is real.”

She says the brand is growing, too, and she feels so “blessed” to not have to answer to anyone but herself and her small team:

“I still feel like I have someone to answer to. And then I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s just us 10 girls.’ We got this, but everything is growing. We’re having our biggest quarter that we’ve had right now in, like, eight years, so my mom and I knew we could do it, and we’re doing it and I just, you know, I feel very blessed.”

We can’t imagine how relieved she felt after the big win! But that’s not the only win the 42-year-old is celebrating — now her biggest win is her health. Terri asked The Dukes of Hazzard star:

“Why are people obsessed with your weight and how you look? Have you gotten used to it?”

She responded by saying she was “warned” by co-star Lynda Carter her iconic role as Daisy Duke would “follow” her:

“Oh, gosh, no. Would any woman? But Lynda Carter warned me on the set of Dukes of Hazzard. She was like, ‘I will always be Wonder Woman and compared to Wonder Woman, and that’s what you’re doing here as Daisy Duke. Just know the words ‘Daisy Duke’ will follow you for the rest of your career.’”

The Irresistible musician is recognized from this 17-year-old movie by so many people and they all have something to say about her whether good or bad — even though it’s totally none of their business either way! She admits she’s struggled with the public’s opinion of her before, especially their comments on her weight.

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But the singer didn’t let the criticism get her down. Instead, she decided to do something much more selfless:

“I’ve been criticized, and it hurts, but I’ve been every weight and I’ve been proud of it. I decided, ‘Okay, everybody is going to talk about my weight all the time, I might as well make money off of it and turn it into a business of selling clothes and acceptance.’”

So sweet! It’s incredible she was able to take something so negative and make it positive!

Simpson also opened up about how she lost 100 pounds after having baby number three — and how healthy she feels in the present:

“I went to a nutritionist, and I needed to get my eating habits right … I absolutely feel healthy. I don’t know. I feel like my old self before I had children and all the hormones going wild. I feel younger, actually. I have a lot more energy and yeah, I get to wear all the clothes that are in storage that I saved for Maxwell and Birdie.”


We’re so glad to hear Jessica is living her healthiest life and feeling great!

[Image via Instagram/Jessica Simpson]

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