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John Mayer Complains The SNL Cast Was Mean To Him!

John Mayer Complains The SNL Cast Was Mean To Him!

John Mayer is upset… Because the Saturday Night Live cast was mean to him??

During Tuesday’s episode of the Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend podcast, the guitarist opened up about some qualms he has with the comedy show’s crew — over hurt feelings! He posed the question:

“Why do you think it is that there’s a great — that the largest community of people who have hurt my feelings at parties over the years have been related to SNL?”

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Conan, who used to be an SNL writer, asked through a shocked expression, “Oh, is that true?” John responded:

“What is it about the SNL experience, and I’m being very open minded about it because it can’t be this sort of ad hoc thing where everyone at SNL is just a little pathological. What goes on at SNL? Is it the fraternity that when you do see someone from SNL at a party — first of all, do you know what I’m talking about?”

The Gravity singer clarified he was specifically talking about performers, not writers, noting:

“It feels like a coldness because I’m open, I show up open and I show up with the weird expectation other people are gonna meet me there and there is this sort of pull away.”

It should be noted that John was a musical guest on the show all the way back in 2003, and came back for a guest spot nine years later in 2012… So whichever cast he’s referring to have probably since moved on from the show. He continued:

“It’s almost like someone on SNL has a difficult time pretending to be interested if they’re not. Does that check out?”

Conan wanted to make sure John wasn’t making “a blanket statement about all SNL people,” which the Free Fallin’ singer clarified he wasn’t:

“I’m just saying of the people who I’ve left going, ‘I feel like I hyperextended’ and I fell in front of them, or that they walked away, or weren’t interested, is that just my love of SNL?”

Boy, someone reallllyyy left a bad taste in his mouth. Or maybe, just maybe… he left the bad taste? Sure, it’s possible everyone at SNL at that time was kind of a fraternity of judgmental comedy jerks. It’s also possible everyone there had the same reaction to him because he was being a jerk back then? This would NOT be his first beef with a comedian, as famously sweet guy Kumail Nanjiani had some not-so-nice things to say after a run-in with him like a decade ago.

Conan, clearly treading carefully to avoid stepping on any toes, responded:

“Part of the problem is maybe you putting other people on a pedestal. That’s where I’ve been sometimes hurt before. There is a thing which is, there’s a too cool for school philosophy that can thrive at SNL. I’ve known obviously wonderful, great people there.”

He added that part of the vibes John feels could be coming from the limited amount of air time for the live show, and the competition to get performers’ desired sketches on air.

John seemed to understand the comedian’s take. He theorized it could also be because as a sexy rockstar he represents “something kind of anti-comedy because I’m the tall musician guy or something.” Yeah, he’s just too cool and sexy for those SNL nerds, that’s it!

Listen to the lengthy discussion (below):


Have YOU ever gotten the sense that SNL performers are cold?? Let us know down in the comments!

[Images via Team Coco, & NBC/YouTube]

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