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MORE Allegations: Johnny Depp Accuses Amber Heard Of Severing His Finger During Argument Over Post-Nuptial Agreement

Johnny Depp accused Amber Heard of punching him twice in the face.

As we reported earlier Tuesday morning, Johnny Depp‘s legal team has filed new court papers with a myriad of major accusations against his ex, Amber Heard, including a claim that she “painted on” bruises to make them look like the real thing.
But even more than the allegedly faked bruises listed in the court doc, Depp is instead very focused on a different injury: losing the tip of his right middle finger after — he claims — Heard threw a vodka bottle at him in anger!
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No, really — the Pirates of the Caribbean actor recounts a story of how he claims Amber became irate just one month into their new marriage when Depp approached her about signing a post-nuptial agreement. At that point, he claims, she lit into him verbally and threw two bottles at the actor… the second of which hit a nearby table, exploded, and badly cut his right hand in the process, nearly severing off the tip of his middle finger.
Depp explained more about these allegations in the newly-filed court docs (below):

“While I was in Australia filming a movie approximately one month after I married Ms. Heard, on a day where my then-lawyer tried to discuss with Ms. Heard the need that she sign a post-nuptial agreement with me, she went berserk and began throwing bottles at me. The first bottle sailed past my head and missed, but then she threw a large glass vodka bottle. The bottle struck the marble countertop where my hand was resting and exploded. The projectile’s impact shattered the bone in my finger and entirely severed the tip of my finger. I had to have 3 surgeries to reconstruct my finger and contracted MRSA three times. I feared that I would lose my finger, my arm, and my life.”

Definitely scary, if the allegation is to be believed. And whether by Amber’s hand or not, Depp does appears to have seriously injured his finger; pictures from the time show the actor’s mangled and bloody hand receiving treatment and after-care. (BTW, you can see those pictures HERE, but please be warned: the photos are graphic.)
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No new response from Heard’s legal team yet (other than the one earlier on Tuesday morning), but we’ll update you with the latest as the fall-out from this vicious legal battle continues…
In the meantime, what do U think about all of it, Perezcious readers?! Whose side are you on, anyways?? Sound off about this seemingly never-ending (and always-escalating) controversy in the comment section (below)…
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