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Twitter Is TERRIFIED Of Joaquin Phoenix In The First 'Joker' Trailer -- WATCH!

Wanna know how Joaquin Phoenix got these scars? (Emotional scars, we mean…)
On Wednesday, Warner Bros. finally unveiled first teaser trailer for the upcoming stand alone Joker film, offering fans a better look at how the Oscar nominated actor will take on the iconic villain.
Unlike other big screen iterations of the character, this Todd Phillips-directed film shows fans what the clown prince of crime was like before society turned him into the most infamous Batman baddie.
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Before we see Phoenix all Joker’ed out, the trailer shows him as Arthur Fleck, a small town comedian who has fallen on hard times in 1980s Gotham. Over the course of the trailer, we see Arthur spiral into madness as he realizes he can turn his tragic life into a “comedy.”
At one point, he muses:

“Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?”

We’re shown quite a few scenes that hint at the Joker’s descent: he gets attacked and humiliated by Gotham youths as a clown-faced street performer and he has a seemingly Norman Bates-y relationship with his mother, Penny Fleck (Frances Conroy).
By the end, we finally get a look a Phoenix in full Joker form — and fans are titillatingly terrified:

Eat your heart out, Jared Leto.
The film is said to be influenced by the works of Martin Scorsese, particularly the director’s 1982 dark comedy The King of Comedy. Joker also stars Robert De Niro as a talk show host, Atlanta’s Zazie Beetz as Arthur’s love interest (run, gurl!), and Marc Maron.
In case you’re wondering, this standalone Joker film takes place in a universe separate from the rest of DC’s current line up — so, we won’t be seeing Phoenix’s Joker alongside Wonder Woman, Shazam, Aquaman, or Leto’s Joker. The film is said to part of DC’s efforts to separate itself from Marvel and explore multiple versions of its iconic characters.
The distance has also allowed this film to diverge from its source material. In Joker, Thomas Wayne (Bruce Wayne’s father) plays a role in the Joker’s origins and is said to be less sympathetic than other versions of the character. The film will also feature a young Bruce Wayne his loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth.
Only time will tell how Phoenix’s Joker stacks up against the Jokers of the past, like Jack Nicholson and the late great Heath Ledger (sure, we’ll throw Leto a bone here, too) — but based on the trailer, fans can at least expect a memorable performance.
Ch-ch-check out the trailer for Joker (above) and catch the film in theaters October 4!

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