Josh Brolin & Diane Lane Are Divorcing! After 8 Years Of Marriage, They Want OUT!

josh brolin diane lane divorce 8 years marriage amicable mutual sad face

Sad face!

Josh Brolin and Diane Lane‘s marriage was driving well over the speed limit without a seatbelt, and it just plowed into a brick wall!

Eight years after their wonderful wedding, the two Oscar-nominated actors are demanding a divorce!!

Oh noes!! What the heck happened?!

Is it because of the Sin City 2 star’s recent drunk-in-public arrest?

One source close to them divulged:

“Diane Lane and Josh Brolin have decided to end their marriage. It was a mutual decision. It is very amicable. It’s not ugly, it’s just over.”

Vague much?!

At least they never had any children who will have to suffer through excruciating divorce proceedings!

We’re thrilled the split is amicable, too — hopefully Josh and Diane are excited for a fresh start!

Sure, at 45 and 48, respectively, neither of them is a spring chicken, but they’re aren’t over the hill or anything!

And, holy geez, they’re both remarkably hot!!

Seriously, does Mrz. Lane age at all?!

The Unfaithful star looks as dazzling as she did over a decade ago in The Perfect Storm!

Don’t be sad about the split, guys! Just view it as a marriage in reverse!

Hooray! Congratz on being hot and single in a city filled with millions of beautifully talented people!

[Image via WENN.]

Feb 21, 2013 3:05pm PST

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