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Justin A Douche All Over Europe!

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
It seems like Justin Timberlake assholic behavior hasn’t been limited to just Sweden.
A few readers wrote in to let us know about his douche-like ways in other parts of Scandinavia, as well.
In Oslo, last week, Timberlake reportedly assaulted a photographer from the website while he was taking pictures of Justin outside the hotel, calling him “You fucking asshole” out of the blue.
Timberlake then asked him what his job was, and the photographer answered “I’m a photographer”. Mr. Grumpy Face then said, “No ur not, you;re just a fucking papparazi”.
A girl named Ingvill also tried to take his picture with here mobile, and Justin’s bodyguard went up to her saying that he was “gonna smash her phone if she didn’t put it away!”
Okay, Timberfuck and his “team” need a major attitude adjustment.
Right away!

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Jun 25, 2007 14:55pm PDT

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