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Is Kanye West Committing Election Fraud In Wisconsin?!

Kanye west president campaign election fraud

We know Kanye West has hired political operatives to criss-cross key Midwestern states and get him on the November ballot so he can face off against Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

We also have good reason to believe it all may be a cynical ploy on behalf of those Republican operatives to siphon votes from Biden’s campaign to help ensure Trump’s re-election.

But what if there’s WAY more to this story — like, even beyond the damning reports that have suggested Yeezy’s political staffers in key states are simply Trump operatives pulling double duty in a super-sinister bid to ensure The Donald wins re-election??

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On Friday morning, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel political watchdog columnist Daniel Bice took to Twitter armed with a few very interesting screenshots showing papers filed in Wisconsin that purportedly contained signatures aiming to make the 43-year-old rapper-turned-politician eligible to be on the state’s November presidential ballot.

Of course, campaign groups in several states have been working on Yeezy’s behalf, collecting signatures in a bid to make him eligible as an independent candidate for November’s national election. And based on our earlier reporting, a Republican elections lawyer named Lane Ruhland appears to have recently turned in a set of signatures like that to Wisconsin election officials to place Kanye on the ballot.

But judging by what Bice found (below), it would seem there are some major problems with the “signatures” collected on the Jesus Walks rapper’s behalf. For one, it looks as though Kanye himself signed his own nomination papers on one page, even identifying himself as a current resident of Milwaukee:

And here’s another Kanye West, once again signing his own nomination papers:

Could there be two other Kanye Wests in the world, both residing in Milwaukee?!

Sure, maybe… but probably not!!!

Still, if that wasn’t surprising enough, how about Mickey Mouse as a signatory (below):

Or Vermont Senator and multiple-time presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, too? Vermont Senators live in Wisconsin all the time, right?

OK, WTF?! Could all these signatures be real??

Other alert Twitter users in the digital watchdog’s mentions pointed out other discrepancies in the posted signature sheets, as well, including questions about possible addresses being tied to business and not residences, and issues with allegedly similar handwriting across multiple names and sheets.

As the journalist himself and others quickly pointed out, Wisconsin state law expressly forbids falsifying an election petition, terming it as a Class I felony with penalties up to 3 and 1/2 years in prison and a $10,000 fine (see statute HERE and penalties HERE.)

All Eyes On Ruhland

In a related issue also reported by Bice this morning, attorney Lane Ruhland’s alleged involvement with Kanye’s Wisconsin campaign is once again coming under serious scrutiny. The Campaign for Accountability, a Washington-based non-profit advocacy group, has filed an official complaint with Wisconsin state regulators arguing Ruhland’s current work on West’s behalf is a direct conflict of interest with her active representation of the Trump campaign within the state.

Michelle Kuppersmith, the group’s executive director, wrote in the three-page complaint filing against Ruhland:

“Simultaneous legal representation of two candidates [Trump and West] competing for the same office is a paradigmatic example of a conflict of interest.”

Yeah, no kidding! And yet, here we are in the lawless hellscape that is 2020.

Ruhland has not commented publicly on the filing. For what it’s worth, Bice notes that constitutional scholars and legal professors aren’t even convinced her double-duty work is a conflict of interest considering how Kanye and Trump may actually the same goal (i.e., defeat Biden).

Just another one of those things no one ever tried before because it’s SO OBVIOUSLY WRONG — you know, like refusing to ever show your tax returns.

But the signatures, on the other hand… if those really are phony signatures and not the REAL Bernie Sanders or Mickey Mouse, that could be a big problem for Kanye’s campaign, right?! You’d hope the guilty parties here are pursued and punished to the fullest extent of the law…

What’s your take on all this technical election controversy, Perezcious readers?! Sound off about Kanye’s interesting campaign and all the bat s**t crazy stories that have already come from it down in the comments (below)…

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