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UPDATE: Kanye West Cries, Talks About Abortion & North West At First Political Rally -- Video HERE!

Kanye West will hold his first presidential rally in South Carolina on Sunday...

UPDATE 4:05 P.M. PT: Well, it went and happened.

As you can see from this YouTube-hosted livestream (below), here is Kanye’s full political campaign rally in the Palmetto State from just hours ago:

Welp… reactions?


So it appears he’s really serious about this, doesn’t it…

Kanye West will hold his first presidential rally TODAY down in Charleston, South Carolina — just two weeks after he first announced his candidacy for President of the United States even despite missing the deadline to even be on the ballot in multiple key states.

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The rapper announced his Sunday night rally, which is taking place at the Exquis Event Center down in Charleston, over the weekend. He also tweeted out to his fans (and potential constituents?) in the Palmetto State to help put him on the ballot there, as he’s not yet officially registered as a candidate in that state’s upcoming presidential election:

Say what you will about Yeezy, but you can’t deny it’s always an adventure with this guy…

The 43-year-old is going to need considerable help to get on the ballot in South Carolina after failing to file in time for all the early deadlines, of course. He’s also facing an uphill battle with that in several other key battleground states, like North Carolina, Indiana, and Texas, as well as long time Democrat strongholds like New York, and longtime Republican holdouts like Oklahoma. To say, then, that he’s got his work cut out for him is an understatement.

Add to the troubles here the fact that Kanye didn’t participate in either party’s primary season, and with it comes the fact that he’ll have to run as an independent candidate. As far as the rapper’s policies and personality are concerned, that might work best anyways, but fringe candidates who don’t get up into the two-party machine have a HUGE uphill battle to get recognized and get enough votes to matter in the general election. Not saying it’s not possible with Kanye, but man, what a challenge lays ahead.

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Then again, the skeptical among us (OK, it’s us, LOLz!) believe this whole thing to be about nothing more than a publicity stunt. To that end, we’re not too keen on taking any of these presidential rallies seriously. Then again, come to think of it, isn’t that (arguably) how Donald Trump started his own path to the White House before eventually being goaded to go further and further until he… won?! Oh, no. OH, NO!!!

Jokes aside, what do U make of Kanye’s apparent candidacy, Perezcious readers? Are you on board with Team Yeezy for this one, or is this upcoming election far too important to be messing around with any of this nonsense? Sound OFF with your comments and opinions on this whole thing down in the section (below)…

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