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Karolina Kurkova SLAMS Social Media Celebs For Being Famous 'So Easily!'

Karolina reveals how she REALLY feels about social media celebs!
Karolina Kurkova achieved fame the old-fashioned way.
The blonde beauty’s modeling career didn’t take off because she had millions of followers on Twitter or because her Instagram pictures got thousands of likes.
She wasn’t able to use social media to become successful, but is now criticizing those who can.
Photo: Karolina Shares A Pic Of Her Newborn!
In The EDIT, the gorgeous gal vented about how she feels celebrity status is less difficult to obtain because of social media.
She compared her own rise to fame with those of some of today’s internet sensations, saying:

“When I started modeling there was no social media, I didn’t come from a rich family and I didn’t date anyone famous├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥my work spoke for me. I’m glad, because I learned discipline, dedication and patience, and it kept me grounded.”

The 31-year-old criticized online celebs’ lack of actual experience, adding:

“Now you can be famous so easily and it’s dangerous, it can mess with your head. People are coming from left and right with two million followers and, whether they say they’re a model or a stylist, they’ve never trained, never worked with anybody, never sacrificed anything.”

Ouch! Tell us how you really feel, girl!
The momma-of-one also expressed that she believes social media stars’ success isn’t fair, explaining:

“They’re taking work from people who gave up their time and energy to learn their craft. I’m not judging, but who’s going to have the longevity? You might be cool right now, but how long will it last? Are people going to get tired of you?”

Weeeeeeell, it kind of sounds like you’re judging!
She also touched upon how surprised she is that her career is still kicking, dishing:

“I’m amazed I’m still around; we live in such a fast-paced world and get over everything so quickly. I don’t allow myself to compete with the new girls├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥what good is thinking like that? When you’re older, you’re more confident and comfortable. And there’s something to be said about being seasoned, rather than being very new and raw and now knowing what you’re doing.”

Hmmmmm. We kind of think this is an out-of-touch opinion, but what do U think?! SOUND OFF in the comments!
[Image via The EDIT.]

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Feb 26, 2016 14:47pm PDT