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Katie Couric Says 'It's Fun Being A Little Naughty' While Recounting Cougar Romance!

Katie Couric Says 'It's Fun Being A Little Naughty' While Recounting Previous Cougar Romance!

Get after it, Katie Couric!

The famed broadcast journalist opened up about her love life on Thursday during an interview with People TV promoting her tell-all Going There. Specifically, the 64-year-old TV anchor and host talked about her “cougar” days, looking back on her former five-year-long relationship with Brooks Perlin — a man 17 years her junior!

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Recalling how much fun she had with Perlin, Couric clearly delighted in her role as the older woman in the context of their relationship, which lasted from 2006 through the end of 2011.

Couric, who is currently married to banker John Molner, explained to the mag:

“I had a really fun time. He’s a really good person. You know, I’d never done anything particularly scandalous. I’ve always been kind of, goody two-shoes and sort of between the lines.”

Sometimes you’ve just gotta live a little, right?!

Couric had been single for a while when she met Perlin, after her first husband Jay Monahan died of colon cancer in 1998.

That, combined with some career challenges in the mid-2000s, pushed the longtime on-air professional to be “a little naughty,” as she recalled:

“And I think it was during a time where I was really struggling professionally, and I think I had just a real ‘screw it’ attitude. Like, I’m going to have a good time. And that’s what I did. I didn’t think it was a forever thing, because he is 17 years younger than I am, but it was fun being a little naughty!”

Hearing how it went like that, maybe we should be impressed the relationship lasted as long as it did!

Katie Couric and husband John Molner in 2020
Katie Couric and husband John Molner in 2020. / (c) WENN/Avalon

A year after the age-difference duo split in 2011, Couric began dating Molner. They got engaged in 2013, and tied the knot in June 2014 at her home in the Hamptons. How does her hubby feel about Katie revisiting old relationships in her memoir? He told Katie Couric Media:

“It was occasionally a little too much information for me. There were times where I was like, Seriously, do we have go there? But it was almost like Taylor Swift writing about an old boyfriend — it’s part of the creative process. Still, some of those things I read through pretty quickly. I mean, I didn’t want to dive into every detail of her past relationships any more than I want her to know all the details of mine.”

Makes sense!

And there’s nothing wrong with fast-forwarding through the cougar episodes — sounds like Katie did, too!

[Image via Patricia Schlein/WENN]

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