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Katy Perry Is Looking Like 'Shrek' In Quarantine While Orlando Bloom Is Getting 'Hulk' Ripped

katy perry talks about coronavirus weight gain during pregnancy

Most pregnant women refer to themselves as round; Katy Perry is proud to say she’s turning into a square!

On Sunday, the momma-to-be went live on the American Idol Facebook page and opened up about the opposite body transformations she and Orlando Bloom have undergone while in quarantine.

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Regarding her pregnancy, she said:

“It’s not been too bad. I’ve just been a little lethargic. I’ve definitely been leaning into gaining the weight. I’m happy to do that.”

That definitely can be a perk for a lot of women! Especially ones who have been on strict diets for a decade! The 35-year-old quipped:

“I’m looking like Shrek a little bit and Orlando’s looking like the Hulk. Orlando’s getting fit and I’m getting square. But, you know, it’s all worth it. I’m leaning into the COVID 30.”

Shrek? Really?? LOLz!

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Also, picturing Orlando only getting more ripped is really taking our imagination by storm…

Orlando Bloom shirtless
(c) Orlando Bloom/Instagram

In other Katy news, on Monday morning Good Morning America announced the Firework singer will be kicking off their summer concert series this Friday. In a video message, the star shared:

“I am so thrilled to announce that I’m going to be kicking off Good Morning America‘s 2020 concert series. That’s right, I’m going to start it off with my brand new song, Daisies. It’ll be a very exciting event. Please don’t miss it. I will see you there. Love you, GMA.”

How exciting!!

Aside from her baby girl, we’re so glad Katy has something fun to look forward to! She’s been open about experiencing “waves of depression” while in quarantine, and during a recent interview with Extra, admitted she’s had some “horrible days” at home, but explained how she tries to keep a positive attitude through it all:

“Even though I can get highly annoyed by being quarantined with my family in close quarters … I feel we’ve laid a new foundation within our family. There’s a bond that’s even stronger. We have some horrible days where I want to cry, but I believe when we look back at this, for myself, it will be this beautiful bond that we created.”

Perry later discussed how she and Orly have actually gotten to know each other even better throughout quarantine:

“You’re always going to be working on yourself and your relationship… Your partner is your mirror. I don’t know about you, but sometimes if you get me in front of one of those magnifying mirrors at a hotel, and I see my pores and whiskers, I won’t leave the room for 30 minutes. I’m like, I can’t believe I see all the things that I never saw and I need to work on. That’s what your partner is.”

Not long to go before the baby arrives… That will be the true test of their relationship!! Hopefully the kid doesn’t look like Shrek OR the Hulk! LOLz!

[Image via Dreamworks/Amazon Prime Video & Disney+ & WENN/Avalon.]

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