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Kelly Clarkson Talks 'Angry' New Music, Her Nasty Divorce, And... Rebounding With Pete Davidson?! Watch!

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About New Music, Divorce, & Rebounding With Pete Davidson! Watch!

Kelly Clarkson is opening up about her divorce — and possibly rebounding with Kim Kardashian‘s ex??

The Voice host stopped by The Howard Stern Show Thursday to promote her new album, Chemistry, and got vulnerable about the painful reality she’s been facing behind-the-scenes as she and ex-husband Brandon Blackstock divorced.

Despite the heartache and rage, she infused a bit of “sexy” in the new record! The 41-year-old dished:

“Anger is there, there’s also sexy. Like, Favorite Kind of High, it’s more of like when you first meet someone and you kind of want to take their clothes off with your teeth, kind of moment. It’s more of that vibe.”

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Spicy! However, she added that “for the most part,” the album is rooted in “anger” and “hurt” from her split, which she said just “sucks.” Kel explained:

“It sucks and I’m angry not just for me, but for him and our kids, and it’s just hard. But, you know what, you get to a point, and everybody, if you’ve been married or not, there’s just situations in life, you get to a point with certain relationships to where there’s no try left. It’s like, I’m out of try. Like, I’m exhausted from trying, this should not be this difficult.”

Ugh, we feel so sorry for her. At one point in the interview, Stern began to speak about how he perceives Kelly as a “brand,” before the Since You Been Gone singer interjected, asking, “You think happy and bubbly, right?”

She continued, “I know. I am! But I’m also sad sometimes.” So true! She’s done such a convincing job of maintaining her positive brand while hosting on The Voice, and her own show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, that it’s easy to forget she’s a very real person that goes through very real and painful life experiences, just like everyone else. We really hope she can find her happiness again soon!

On potential future relationships, don’t expect the Stronger singer to be saying “I do” again anytime in the near future:

“I think that I’m smart enough to listen and wise enough with age to know that one relationship doesn’t define them all. I think marriage is beautiful, and I think that’s awesome for some people, and I think that’s incredible, but I don’t think it suits me at this point in my life.”

As for getting over her ex, she says she’s “over the trauma,” but that for the time being, she’s just really enjoying the single life. Good for her!

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However, Stern hilariously joked that Pete Davidson could be her next hunk. The host asked, “How long will it be before I see you dating Pete Davidson?” before Kelly cut in to spill:

“Here’s the thing: He’s cute and he’s funny. I mean, I don’t picture us dating.”

She added:

“Pete Davidson, you are wonderful, but no, I’m not looking.”

LOLz! Stern then threw Tom Brady’s name in the ring, which Kelly also shut down:

“I have a lot of confidence, I am a very confident woman, [but] I don’t think I’d like to follow [his ex-wife] Gisele Bündchen.”

Ha! Watch the full clip (below):

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[Images via The Howard Stern Show & NBC/YouTube]

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