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Fashion Police Feud! Kelly Osbourne Just Shaded The Hell Out Of Giuliana Rancic!

Kelly Osbourne Throws Shade At Fashion Police Co-Star Giuliana Rancic!

Kelly Osbourne threw major shade at her former Fashion Police co-star Giuliana Rancic!

As you most likely know, the two women co-hosted the celebrity fashion commentary show with the late comedian Joan Rivers and magazine editor George Kotsiopoulos. While Kelly has fond memories of working with Joan on the series, she does NOT have kind things to say about Giuliana all these years later! During Tuesday’s episode of The Osbournes Podcast, Kelly’s mom Sharon Osbourne brought up the 49-year-old reporter. With a disgusted look on her face, Kelly said:

“We don’t need to give her any f**king anything.”

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Whoa! It appears Kelly and Giuliana never squashed their beef! For those who don’t recall how their feud started, don’t worry. Jack Osbourne broke it down! He recalled that their issues started when Giuliana made racist comments about then-18-year-old Zendaya’s dreadlocks during the 2015 Oscars red carpet episode of Fashion Police. She said the actress looked as if “she smells like patchouli oil or weed.” WTF.

Kelly Osbourne Throws Shade At Fashion Police Co-Star Giuliana Rancic!
(c) Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

The television personality quickly faced backlash for the remarks. Zendaya slammed Giuliana on Instagram at the time, saying her “ignorant” comment was “not only a large stereotype but outrageously offensive.” In turn, Giuliana later apologized to the Euphoria star. Jack further recalled the ordeal, saying he once read an article years later “where Zendaya was like, ‘yeah, f**k Giuliana Rancic.’” Kelly chimed in to reply:

“Good for her.”

Clearly, Kelly is not a fan of Giuliana. And there’s an even deeper reason why! According to Jack, the backlash from Rancic’s comments about Zendaya “somehow got turned around” at one point, and Kelly was the one blamed for it instead! Yikes! He explained:

“One of the co-hosts of the show made a really kind of a f**king racist comment about her hair, and nothing happened to the woman that made the comment. And Kelly kind of took the stand of like ‘that’s f**ked up. I don’t want to work with someone like that.’ And then it somehow got turned around that Kelly said the comment, but Kelly didn’t say the comment.”

Once Kelly got dragged into the drama, she had enough. Both the racism incident and the death of Joan in 2014 made her realize her time on Fashion Police was over, and she ended up leaving the show that same year. E! then canceled the series two years later. Kelly reflected on her exit, saying:

“It turned into this whole thing, and it made me take a long hard look at where I was, and it made me realize that I didn’t want to be there without Joan. It’s one of my biggest regrets in all of it, to be honest with you, was how Melissa got hurt in all of it because she had just lost her mom and then the show.”

Jack pointed out that since Fashion Police, he has not “seen anything from [Rancic] in a very long time.” And that’s completely fine with Kelly! The reality star responded she “wouldn’t know because as far as I’m concerned, she doesn’t exist.” Not her calling Giuliana irrelevant! Damn! It’s safe to say this is one grudge Kelly plans to hold onto for a while! Watch the podcast show (below):

Giuliana hasn’t reacted to the shady comments from Kelly yet! But we’re curious to see if this Fashion Police feud will continue in a public way now! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via The Osbournes/E! Entertainment/YouTube]

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