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Kim Kardashian Had A Different Actors On Actors Partner -- But They Canceled Last Minute!

Kim Kardashian Had A Different Actors On Actors Partner -- But They Canceled Last Minute!

Kim Kardashian was NEVER meant to be paired with Chloë Sevigny for the duo’s Actors on Actors interview — and she wouldn’t have had there not been a truly last-minute cancellation! Hmmm…

According to none other than Variety‘s very own co-editor-in-chief Ramin Setoodeh, who just broke the news during a podcast interview, the SKIMS mogul was originally supposed to sit down for her one-on-one interview with a totally different actor! But that actor called in sick late on a Friday night, forcing Variety to scramble for a replacement!

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Setoodeh dropped that bomb on Meghan McCain‘s podcast Citizen McCain, which released its latest episode on Friday morning. While chatting with the late Senator John McCain‘s daughter, who knows the ins and outs of the entertainment biz very well considering her long and controversial turn on The View, Setoodeh decided to play a little inside baseball! He revealed:

“So, I’m gonna give you a little bit of information; I’m gonna break some news. Chloë Sevigny wasn’t supposed to pair with Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian had someone else that she was supposed to pair with, and that actor that she was supposed to pair with called in sick on a Friday night, and Kim was supposed to do this on a Sunday.”

Oh no!

Setoodeh and his Variety co-workers kicked it into high gear to find a replacement — and soon landed on the 49-year-old Sevigny! They chose her in part because she has also starred in American Horror Story, the FX horror anthology series that gave Kim her big scripted show break last year. And that seemed like a good enough match on short notice! Setoodeh explained:

“[Sevigny] was incredibly gracious, stepped in at the last minute and came in and did this conversation with Kim. But that wasn’t her original acting partner.”

So who was Kim supposed to be paired up with for the interview?? Unfortunately, Setoodeh wouldn’t name names. He told McCain that he did not “want to draw undue attention to this person.”


As for Chloë’s chemistry with Kim, the co-EIC had something to say about that, too!

Kim Kardashian Had A Different Actors On Actors Partner -- But They Canceled Last Minute!
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Acknowledging fan theories that Sevigny had shaded Kim with an Instagram Stories post captioned “always nice to be included” among other things, and referencing the duo’s chemistry during the Actors on Actors chat, Ramin argued:

“What was so funny about all the press and everyone was talking about how Chloë was trying to shade Kim when she wasn’t and saying she was so happy to be included was that Chloë was really excited to talk to Kim. I was in the green room with her right before she went on, and they really liked each other.”

Uh-huh. We’re sure. Totally. Yep! No doubt about that.

Anywaysssss… who do y’all think was supposed to be Kim’s original partner for the interview?? Theories?? Thoughts?? Guesses?? Share ’em (below)!

[Image via Variety/YouTube]

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