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Chloe Sevigny Subtly Responds To Kim Kardashian 'Actors On Actors' Backlash!

Kim Kardashian Variety Actors On Actors Chloe Sevigny Response

Kim Kardashian‘s Variety Actors on Actors dropped Wednesday, and the internet had opinions.

For the most part the brutal takeaway was much the same as when it was announced — that Kimmy had no business doing one of these interviews as she isn’t even really an actress, just Ryan Murphy stunt-casting. Viewers also noted how Chloe Sevigny was so accommodating and gentle… while also talking circles around the reality star when it came to process and history.

Well, Chloe herself has now spoken, and girl is keeping it CLASSY!

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In her post promoting the interview, the Boys Don’t Cry acknowledged the elephant in the room — Kim’s enormous lack of experience — but made clear she celebrated her fellow performer. She wrote:

“Our chosen career of actor has many forms. Some are rewarded early. Some of us are the journeymen, some have a quieter route, and some a much louder one. And I am always excited to celebrate every kind of actor. #actorsonactors @variety #Iloveactresses”

LOLz at that “some are rewarded early” quote. Like we said, Chloe is letting everyone know she knows exactly what’s being said. And she’s still warm and inviting. So there.

Her commenters were impressed with Chloe’s grace, but… less forgiving about the whole thing. They wrote:

“What a graceful way to promote this… but, we all still feel like she was an odd and disrespectful match for you.”

“The way Kim is placed front & forward is disrespectful to a true actor. Chloe, you are brilliant and deserve better.”

“Chloe girl, your acting skills really shine holding it together on this one”

“Imagine being a talented actress having to work her way up and you get paired with Kim kardashian for your actors on actors”

“Kim Kardashian is not an actor”

“Chloe deserved so much better than this.”

“Blink twice if your publicists made you write this caption”

Ouch. Oh well, Chloe tried…

Does her comment about celebrating all actors make YOU feel differently about Variety‘s decision??

[Image via Variety/YouTube.]

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