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Kim Kardashian's 'Actors On Actors' Interview Is Out! The Funniest Takeaways Plus Internet Reactions HERE!

Kim Kardashian’s Actors on Actors interview with Chloë Sevigny is finally out — and it is EXACTLY what fans expected!

On Wednesday, Variety released the latest episode of their popular video series, which pairs actors together to talk about their projects, inspirations, and so forth. Obviously, the internet was shocked when the reality star was first named as a star of this season (after only one major acting role in the latest season of American Horror Story).

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Now, well, let’s just say that shock has only continued after watching the interview! Below, we break down the best moments so you don’t have to watch!

Favorite Film

For starters, a simple question about their favorite films REALLY signified the difference between these two stars. See (below):

Reacting to the difference in their responses, fans joked:

“Chloe knew exactly what she was doing here.”

“Ate her tf up”

Hah! Also, almost every time Chloë went on some impassioned speech about why she was so inspired by other actresses or cinema in general, Kimmy Kakes always interrupted her to say she only cared about the fashion. LOLz!

Acting Tips

Making it In Hollywood

The People Vs. OJ

Lawyer Talk

‘Annoying’ Voice

Marilyn Monroe & Memorabilia

The Full Ep

If you’re interested in enduring the full 40-minute interview, have at it!

Well… that was certainly something…

Best Reactions

But now for the best part — the reactions from social media users! Let’s get into it!!

“This is like having Katharine Hepburn being paired up with Paris Hilton

“Chloe deserves a second Oscar nomination for her performance as a woman who is actually interested in what Kim Kardashian has to say about anything.”

“chloe is so gracious for this”

“This is absolutely dreadful. I wanted to give Kim a chance. I think she’s a hard worker but her lack of curiosity and she just seems out of her depth and it’s so difficult to watch. She did not ask one interesting question. It was like Chloe was babysitting aand it was just painful to watch.”

“Why didn’t they bring in North [West] too? Surely that Lion King Hollywood Bowl performance qualifies her for this…”

“Chloe is ACTING.”


But if we know Kimberly, we know she’ll take all the criticism as fuel to work on her new craft even more. Gotta love that about her! Takeaways, y’all?! Have you watched? Do U have any thoughts about it?? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Variety/YouTube]

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