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Kim Kardashian Stirs Up Controversy With 'Vile' Comments About Depression

Kim Kardashian Stirs Up Controversy With 'Vile' Comments About Depression

Kim Kardashian is under fire after revealing a controversial take on mental health.

In her interview on Mavericks with Mav Carter published on Thursday, the SKIMS founder spoke candidly about her drive for success early on in her career. She reminded everyone she did “everything” that came her way back then — because the Kardashians weren’t the same global phenomenon they are now. She said she wasn’t even sure if Keeping Up with the Kardashians would be renewed for a second season, so she just made sure to work as much as possible.

The admission led Maverick to reveal his and LeBron James‘ company SpringHill‘s tagline, which is “make it until you make it” — a play on “fake it until you make it” that means to “just keep going.” But Kim says she still resonates with the original.

She explained:

“But I do love the ‘fake it until you make it,’ because I think if you are a person that is not happy, or is depressed, and you can’t get up to — don’t have that drive to work, if you’re faking that you’re happy and you are at least putting out that energy that you are happy, you will feel that. You will get there. I always have really felt that.”

So… fake not suffering from depression? Like… tamp it all down and pretend it doesn’t exist? Yeah, not everyone agrees with the reality star.

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In a Reddit thread, users pointed out that it’s not always as easy as Kim makes it out to be. One user wrote, “people who are genuinely depressed cant fake being happy,” adding the model has “zero clue on reality.” Others wrote things like:

“Kim has always been dismissive of mental health. She is cruel and condescends to her own family — treats any mental health issues/symptoms they have as ‘not being strong enough.’”

“Kim is 100% the type of person that would tell someone deeply depressed ‘just stop being sad and be happy!’ This is absolutely in line with how she views mental health as a whole.”

“She’s obsessed with her outer appearance looking youthful but her ignorant beliefs age her the most. She’s always been so intolerant of any kind of mental health issues.”

“Kim definitely thinks she is better than all the people who have mental illnesses. And it’s disgusting… She has no clue about real life because she’s lived in a privileged wealthy bubble her whole life.”

“Yeah, she has a vile sense of superiority when she talks about the mental health of people that she deems as just ‘laziness’ and excuses. Truly gross to see”

BIG yikes… Watch her full interview (below):

What’s your take, Perezcious readers?? Let us know down in the comments.

[Image via SpringHill/YouTube]

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