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Kim Kardashian Called Out For Photoshopping Pics AGAIN -- And It's Pretty Bad!

Kim Kardashian Caught Blatantly Photoshopping Pics Again -- And This One Is REALLY Damning!

Kim Kardashian has been caught in the act!

Of course, photo-editing accusations are nothing new for the Kardashians superstar. Fans (er, well, critics and haters) have been calling the reality TV mogul out for years now with claims that she digitally alters her social media pics to make herself seem slimmer, more tanned, more toned, etc., etc., etc.

These critics may have a point in some instances. Heck, Kim has even admitted to some very funky Photoshop usage in certain moments. And in other instances, the online accusations are waaay out there. But this time around, it looks as though Kim might just have been caught in the act…

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On Tuesday afternoon, an Instagram account called @problematicfame posted a reel of two snaps from Kim’s camouflage-covered appearance at last week’s Louis Vuitton Fashion Show.

The two pictures that alternated back-and-forth on the reel clip were actually the same shot. But!!! One was a publicly released pic snapped by Getty Images pro photog Victor Boyko, and the other was a re-posted shot Kim later published on her own social media channels.

Compared to Boyko’s snap, the one Kim released appeared to be, as the reel noted, altered in several ways. The Kim snap seems to have edited her stomach, arms, chest, shoulders, armpits, and chin to appear even slimmer than the Selfish author already is. And it appears VERY noticeable when you look between the two of them!!!

In their caption examining the differences, the IG tea account noted:

“kim photoshops + posts publicly available content (such as photoshoots and event photos) so it is very easy to find the original and compare. kim tends to photoshop her stomach, waist, arms, armpits, breasts, shoulders, jaw, chin, nasolabial folds, nose, lips, eyes, and skin texture”

Then, in a belated bid for kindness towards the SKIMS mogul, the account added:

“please don’t send any hate to kim, she looks gorgeous without the photoshop. keep the comments respectful”

Uh, OK, that’s a nice sentiment and all. And we certainly agree the SKKN By Kim exec is beautiful without digital edits!! But come on — the reel is, by its own nature, already pretty critical. No need to get high-and-mighty on top of it!

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Anyways,  that doesn’t matter as much. The proof is in the pudding reel footage, right?! And you can see the jaw-dropping back-and-forth comparison for yourself HERE.


Down in the comments of the IG reveal, fans went AWF on the mom of four:

“Imagine spending all that money in surgeries, all that dieting and time in the gym, and STILL not being happy with yourself.”

“Nothing can ever be good enough for her, how f**king exhausting”

“This poor woman is proof that all the money in the world can’t buy happiness. She should spend her $$ on therapy instead of physical fixes.”

“It’s crazy you get that much work done and you still can’t post an unedited pic, their image always has to be so curated must be exhausting”

“the level of body dysmorphia”

“It’s sad bc she really doesn’t need to do this”

“It’s so wild to me that she’s done everything humanly possible to achieve some sort of ideal look, and still retouches herself THINNER. Like… are you kidding?”

“I don’t even know which one’s the photoshopped version to be honest, completely random and unnecessary edits. Her body dismorphia must be so bad she probably can’t decide no more what she finds beautiful and what makes her insecure”

“Imagine raising little children and then modeling them this behavior ugh”


People aren’t afraid to have their opinions be heard, that’s for sure. Of course, there is quite a stark comparison between those two photos. So when you show it like that, things are hard not to notice. Ya know??

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Anyways, what do U make of this apparent Photoshop f**k-up, Perezcious readers?!

Sound OFF with your take on Kim’s kontent down in the komments (below)…

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram/Hulu/YouTube]

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