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Fans Slam Kim Kardashian Over Possible Photoshop F**k Up -- But Did They Get It Wrong?!

Fans Slam Kim Kardashian Over Possible Photoshop F**k Up -- But Did They Get It Wrong?!

Photoshop fail or follower fail?!

Kim Kardashian is getting called out by fans on Instagram right now, but honestly, her critics may have jumped the gun a little bit on this one.

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Over the weekend, the 42-year-old reality TV star took to IG to post a bikini pic promoting some of her super-sexy SKIMS swim merch.

In the post, Kimmy commented on how she is praying “it doesn’t rain forever in LA,” which is seriously true AF after these last few months of bad weather. And she showed off a scantily-clad mirror selfie, as you can see (below):


As they always do, Kim’s followers immediately started picking apart the pic. It never ends…

This time, fans pointed out the weird spacing of her middle and ring fingers and used that angle to claim the whole pic was Photoshopped. Here are a few of the reactions:

“Wait where’s the middle finger?”

“Image looks distorted to me???”

“This pic looks odd.”

“Why she got alien fingers”

“The amount of editing is absurd. Just post a regular pic. Nobody cares…. You’re in your 40s”


“Lol why was this picture edited much?!…. right side finger was erased and the inner thighs on the left pixelated due to trims”

“She got ET fingers now?”

“kim there’s people that are dying”

OMG, they are always at it with that last one! We don’t hate it tho, because it’s always funny. An iconic KUWTK meme gift that keeps on giving!

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As for the digit drama, we think fans may have gotten this one wrong!!

If you zoom in on Kim’s selfie, you can pretty clearly see her middle and ring fingers are being spread apart by a pop socket that is attached to the back of her phone and not some weird finger distortion choice in the editing lab. The phone handle just so happens to be the same color as her phone case. Thus, it’s difficult to see.

Come on, people! If you’re gonna come for a KarJenner, at least make it wise. Then again, maybe critics of the fam are just hyper-sensitive to weird finger photos at this point… Just saying!

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

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