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Is Kim Kardashian More Concerned With Scott Disick's Feelings Than Kourtney Right Now?

Kim Kardashian is worried about Scott Disick's mental health after KUWTK filming ends!

Kim Kardashian is looking out for Scott Disick!

And she’s doing it way more than Scott’s ex-GF and baby momma Kourtney Kardashian is, that’s for sure!

In a new teaser clip from Thursday night’s upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim got really real about what the end of filming the reality TV series means for Scott, his mental health, and his connections to the KarJenner krew.

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While Kourt tried to downplay some of Lord Disick’s concerns about the iconic era coming to an end and what it might mean for his relationship with Kourtney and her family, Kim tried to explain and contextualize Scott’s uncertainty.

In the clip, where the KKW Beauty founder sits down one-on-one with the Poosh head honcho, Kim says (below):

“I mean, I feel like Scott feels like, I don’t know, he feels like as a family, we are going to be gone [from his life] if we’re not scheduled to all meet up [and film the show].”

Kourt has a quick answer for it, too!

And yet while true, this (below) maybe isn’t the most sensitive thing to say in this situation:

“I think it’s just change. Some people have a really hard time with change.”

Yeah, that’s true, but what does saying that even help though?!

Fortunately, Kim is there to provide smart counsel with this well-thought take on Kourtney’s baby daddy:

“Think about all the times he’s had big changes [in his life]. It hasn’t been positive for him. So maybe he’s scared in this way that he feels like, ‘well what if I have nothing to do, and I get so restless? [Filming] was giving me a purpose, and giving me something to do, and what if I start drinking, or what if I start this, or what if I start that?’ You know. I can only imagine.”

Very true! There have been a lot of issues in the past. We totally get it!

That being said, we understand why Kourtney feels like he and his feelings are no longer her responsibility. She was there for him through thick and thin for the longest time, and well, he didn’t exactly repay her in kind.

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To her credit, Kourtney comes around in a confessional after having spoken to Kim about it. The proud mom of three ultimately says this about what her post-filming relationship with Scott will be like:

“I know that we are Scott’s only family, and that he feels insecure about not being able to spend time with the whole family now that the show’s ending. … I think he wants to make sure that we’re all going to see each other when we’re not filming. And I want to make sure that he knows we’ll always be in each other’s lives. I think he just needs to think of positive ways to spend his time.”

Makes sense!

Watch the full teaser clip (below):

Tough stuff — especially for somebody with Scott’s past and personal background with his own family, issues with drinking, Kourt’s budding relationship with Travis Barker, etc., etc…

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Is Kim right to be so worried about Scott? Or is Kourt taking the right course here by being comparatively more relaxed and laissez-faire about it?? And couldn’t Travis’ role in Kourtney’s life be playing a major part in how Scott feels potentially distanced and rejected by the family???

Just saying!

Sound OFF with your reaction this clip down in the comments (below), all ahead of another brand new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians set to air on Thursday night!

[Image via KUWTK/YouTube]

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