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The Awful Trailer For Kindergarten Cop 2 Proves Not EVERY Successful Movie Should Get A Sequel Years Later -- Watch The Direct-To-Video Mess!

Whoever green-lit this abomination needs a time out!
We were a bit skeptical last year when Universal Pictures announced it was making a sequel to Kindergarten Cop — WITHOUT Arnold Schwarzenegger.
And after watching the trailer for Kindergarten Cop 2, we can confirm that our childhoods are effectively ruined.
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While Expendables actor Dolph Lundgren tries his best subbing in for Arnie playing a detective who goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher (for DIFFERENT reasons), the movie looks exactly like the classroom he teaches — one loud, sticky, mind-numbing mess.
The worst part is, this could have been a real movie if the studio put more effort into coming up with a fresh take on the premise.
But instead, we’re stuck with this straight-to-video POS that we already forgot about.
Watch the wacky trailer (above) to see for yourself!

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Feb 16, 2016 13:10pm PDT