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King Charles' Special B-Day Gift For Archie Revealed -- But He's 'Worried' Harry & Meghan Won't Approve??

King Charles Special B-Day Gift For Archie Revealed – But He’s ‘Worried’ Harry & Meghan Won’t Approve!

King Charles may be snubbing Prince Harry, but he’s still thinking of his grandson!

While the royal family didn’t publicly acknowledge Prince Archie‘s fifth birthday on Monday, royal expert Tom Quinn told The Mirror the 75-year-old certainly has planned to give his grandchild a special “homemade” present to mark the occasion! The insider dished:

“There has even been talk that he will send one of his own watercolour paintings to Archie as a present as Meghan [Markle] loves homemade gifts and dislikes extravagant expensive presents.”

Wow! That’s really nice, actually!

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That said, there’s no confirmation that the King sent anything to California yet — and he may never… for fear the gift wouldn’t get there! Tom claimed:

“But King Charles and his team are desperately worried that whatever the king sends to his grandson may be misinterpreted by Harry and Meghan. Charles famously gave Prince George a beautiful hand-made swing engraved on the seat with George’s name, but Harry has told him repeatedly that this sort of present is too grand for Archie.”

Surely Harry and Meghan wouldn’t disregard a homemade gift though, right?!? That’s a world of difference from an expensive toy — even if being painted by the King’s hand automatically jacks up the price on the watercolor.

Regardless, it’s shocking to hear Charles is even bothering to celebrate Archie’s birthday from afar when he’s making a point to dodge Harry, who has just arrived in the UK for a brief visit. We guess he doesn’t want the feud impacting his relationship with the next gen (even though that’s inevitable at this point).

Speaking of the feud, the Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors author went on to note that Charles likely reached out for a phone call with the little boy — but under strict guidelines! He shared:

“King Charles dislikes new technology, but is desperate to keep in touch with his grandchildren on the other side of the Atlantic so he will certainly call Harry and wish Archie Happy Birthday.”


“Charles been asking about video calling, but according to his aides, he’s uncomfortable with the idea. If he makes an ordinary telephone call to Harry it means he can have a quick word with Archie without the need to talk to Meghan, a prospect that fills him with dread.”

Jeez!! That’s harsh!

Also, if he wants nothing to do with Meg, why is he even factoring her into his gift-giving decisions? LOLz!

Things are obviously still really complicated in this family, even when it comes to simple birthday gifts! We hope Charles reached out to Archie on his special day, but it’s really hard to know if he did considering things are so tense with Harry!

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