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Oh No! King Charles Doesn't Believe In Chemotherapy? Prefers 'Herbs & Potions'?!

King Charles Cancer No Chemotherapy Alternative Medicine

Well, this is a disconcerting update.

Thus far the news surrounding King Charles‘ cancer diagnosis has been mostly positive. We’ve heard it was caught early, and the prognosis is good. But at the same time, the Palace are staying really tight-lipped about what “form of cancer” he’s dealing with. That’s led to a lot of curiosity about how bad it might be. But obviously he’s rich, he’s powerful — he’s going to get the best medical treatment known to man, right?

Well… maybe not??

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Former BBC journalist Tom Bower doesn’t think so! He explained this week the monarch “does not believe in chemotherapy”! WHAT?! Yes, speaking about the news of Charles’ cancer and upcoming treatment, he told GB News:

“I’m speculating, but the King is a promoter of alternative medicine. He would not be one for chemotherapy. He’s always argued against it. He’s a great believer in natural herbs and potions and things like that.”

Sorry, NATURAL HERBS AND POTIONS?! To fight cancer?!? Oh no… Specifically, Bower even names the man Charles is likely discussing his health issues with. And no, it’s not an oncologist…

“So my guess is that at the moment he’s taking advice from a man called Michael Dixon, who he’s championed for many years, has headed his own natural alternative medicinal institute discredited by many people.”

Bower has good reason to believe this. Dixon is Head of the Royal Medical Household, he’s been with His Majesty a long time. Then-Prince Charles tapped Dixon as the medical director of his charity health organization, The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health, way back in 1993. It promoted alternative medicine for years until being shut down in 2010 after allegations of fraud and embezzlement destroyed its already shaky reputation.

Dixon calls his approach “complementary medicine” — treatment to go along with traditional medicine — but it’s been criticized by many, even those who used to work with him, as being irresponsible and dangerous in its promotion of unproven and disproven remedies. But Charles continues to be a follower, as Bower laments:

“The King is a great believer in it. Last night, I was very surprised that people kept on saying that he’s going to have chemotherapy or radiation and the rest of it.”

Do we have another Steve Jobs situation on our hands? The Apple founder was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and for nine months turned to alternative medicine instead of what doctors recommended. According to some expert opinions, the decision cost him his life.

We’ll have to see if Bower is right about Charles taking the alternative approach. If so… this could be a very short reign indeed.

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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Feb 09, 2024 11:05am PDT

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